Graduation, New Job, and Some Adventure!

Being that I’ve lived in Florida for exactly one year, I was pleased to be given this opportunity right as I finished my college experience. It took me exactly ten years to get my BA, and getting a managerial-type role the very next day after graduation was a pleasant surprise, to say the least.

End of the Year 2022 – Arcanim: Of Foretold Fates and Chosen Harbingers

It brings me so much excitement that I can share on this platform the additional work I’ve put my time, effort, and dedication into over the last two decades of my life.

Forever Rose on Wattpad Feature + October ’22 Update!

Before I delve into the thick of today’s post, I thought I’d also announce a fun WIP I’ve been working on called Forever Rose, which can be read for free on Wattpad.

Update on this Website

Hi all, it’s Leon R.M. Auguste! For the time being, I’ll be pausing any further blog activity on this website as my schedule has inflated with an incredible amount of responsibility outside of my own passion projects and private hobbies. Know that I may resume this in the future – but that there is also… Continue reading Update on this Website

Life Update: Growing Pains and Deeper Reflections

It’s becoming ever so clear to me that the days of “middle class” societies are the way of the dinosaurs. The fact of the matter is that there are only two classes in society: the “ruling” class and the “servant” class.

My Copywriting Journey: From Rags to Riches…to WHAT!?

From providing copywriting services for freight and logistics companies to working for an online dental training school and a Las Vegas Online Casino website, it’s been a crazy ride!

Philosophical Journey (Part 8)

The few at the top who benefit from such a hierarchy do everything in their inherited, or hard-earned, right to ensure that the system continues unabated for the most part.

Hybrid Humans and Automation: A Chance to Explore Mars, the Universe, and Beyond!

Hey everyone, it’s Leon R.M. Auguste coming to you with another post!  Before I get into the nitty-gritty of today’s topic, that being my thoughts on hybrid humans and outer space travel, I wanted to share some initial thoughts. Mainly my thoughts on automation and how we are becoming insignificant in the workplace.  I’ve gained… Continue reading Hybrid Humans and Automation: A Chance to Explore Mars, the Universe, and Beyond!

Philosophical Journey (Part 6)

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts at 11:00 p.m., and I wanted to record them instead of pretending these feelings didn’t exist. To be honest, I feel much better just getting these thoughts written down and out of my system. Sometimes, one needs to release the emotions, chaining them down, especially an introvert like myself.  Anyways, without… Continue reading Philosophical Journey (Part 6)

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) – Reflections on Rage, Sorrow, and Redemption

Fury Road is almost otherworldly while still being strangely familiar in this hellish carnivalesque joyride of an experience.

Man on the Street Project: The Passion and The Cross

Hi Media 204 class, Elyssa and I went to The Passion and The Cross play at the Orpheum Theater in Downtown Sioux Falls. Elyssa took footage of various parts of the theater while I interviewed the cast members with questions written by Elyssa. It was a very meaningful (and important) production, as told to us… Continue reading Man on the Street Project: The Passion and The Cross

Personal Update on Life

Hi everyone, it’s me, Leon R.M. Auguste, coming to you with an update! Even as I upload one post every week on my blog/website, I’m really starting to get into the swing of balancing my work life and school life. Primarily, I’m focusing more on work but have finally been able to juggle school as… Continue reading Personal Update on Life