Discovering Yourself and Others in Mathematics

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Good day everyone, it’s Leon R.M. Auguste here with another post. I first want to start this post by thanking all of my new and returning followers. It’s an honor to have such an audience of diverse and intriguing backgrounds. Moreover, I want to also say that I’ve read some of your articles during the short free time that I have. I’m inspired by the different topics and discussion points each of you brings into WordPress’ network.

Before I begin, I want to say one simple truth: life has many experiences that make it what it is for human beings. But what I’ll be discussing today will be purely from the perspective of “cause and effect” in terms of how it may look algorithmically.

Put simply, if you’ve ever seen the movie (or read the book) of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” then you’ll remember that the answer to life is “42”.

Even though the answer “42” might be for comic relief, the whole premise of the joke is that life appears to be “undecipherable” to us.

Yet, in real life – aside from movies, books, and other such forms of entertainment or sources of information; the equations and probabilities conjured up in life are easily explainable indeed.

When someone performs an act of kindness for another human being, there’s a hidden burst of energy that both people feel. It may not be tangible, but the feeling is undeniable in its existence. Just like how we know dark matter exists in the universe, so does the energy we feel inside. Caused by neurons and the dopamine released, these good feelings come in the form of “stimulants” to our brains.

So what does any of this have to do with finding yourself and others in mathematics?

Well, once you begin to see life patterns, you’ll start to notice that life exists in two forms for us. The first pattern is the pattern of our conceptualized world. This part of life can be predicted quite easily with (or without) equations of probabilities. To determine outcomes in this part of life is relatively straightforward (for the most part). This is the world in which we experience every day. We understand how the world operates in terms of work, society, our families, and so forth. This is, of course, the logical side of life.

The second is the unknown pattern. This one requires those professionals who genuinely understand and breathe mathematics in a way that most of us simply will never quite understand. Since this side of life, usually gives us answers which are not “simple.” When solved by using complex equations consisting of probabilities more complex than anything we may know in today’s mathematics. It gives us different variances, answers that will likely have meaning both metaphorically and literally. It’s the side of life that makes for an exciting story or for a worthwhile experience. We can never truly quantify this other side of life. It’s full of variables that we simply cannot even begin to fathom. This is the world in which sometimes the impossible is made possible. This is the side of life we often refer to as the “spiritual” world or the magical side of life.

So you see, when one begins to see that life is both complex and straightforward, one begins to unlock a true sense of more profound knowledge about themselves and those around them.

You begin to understand why a person would marry their significant other, you’ll start to understand why particular wars happen throughout “x” amount of years. You begin to see why someone who seemingly “has it all” begins to spiral into a behavior that is “unbecoming” of who we think they are. You start to see both the “good” and “bad” parts of life, giving you a more wholesome picture of what your life has become and where it’s going in terms of natural evolution. That’s why no one hardly ever stays the same because life has always been about change.

Life is about adapting to change, about embracing the possibilities of shifting environments. Nothing ever lasts forever; you must understand how imperative it is for you to grow. For if you stop progressing in life, in your personal life at least, you’ll never be able to uncover the magical side of life. And no, I’m necessarily alluding to your “career.” I’m talking about your own private moments of solitude with your family or yourself in general. Those are the moments that count the most. Of course, work will always be necessary, or else we would all go crazy with all the free time we would have on our hands. But in fact, I’m not talking about such matters. That’s more on the side of common sense.

Once you begin admitting to yourself how imperative it is to take hold of your personal life, you begin to uncover a side of life that is rarely discussed.

Knowledge truly is powerful. Once you obtain a small piece of it, it can certainly be either a very helpful or perilous thing indeed. So tread the path with a steady mind, friend, for this lifetime is full of unforeseen obstacles and unlikely outcomes.

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

3 thoughts on “Discovering Yourself and Others in Mathematics

  1. Taking hold of your personal life, really, truly realizing that your happiness et al, are solely your own responsibility that you must grasp fully, is both frightening and liberating. It never occurred to me that this was even a thing, until the bottom fell out of my world. No going back now 🙂

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    1. I’m sorry to hear the bottom fell out underneath you, I experienced that back in 2014 when I lost my job. But it’s so liberating, and I agree with you, it can be quite a frightening journey- but in some way, life was always meant to be a journey, and and experience to create different memories worth remembering when we all get old. What makes me incredibly happy to hear from you is that you’re not looking back. No matter what happens, we all become stronger by pushing through and connecting with the people around us during the different phases of our lives. Glad to meet so many incredibly inspiring people here on WordPress, keep up the great work of pushing through it all Ms. L 🙂!

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