A Sense of Entitlement Leads to Nowhere

A sense of entitlement can only lead you to your demise, your downfall, and your eventual undoing.

Hello everyone, it’s me, Leon R.M. Auguste, coming to you with another post. First, I want to say thank you once more for all of the new and returning followers. I’ve enjoyed reading all of your comments and also reading some more of your articles. It’s always refreshing to get new points of view and understand where different people are coming from.

You must understand that a sense of entitlement, over time, can cause you extreme pain and a lackluster sense of what life is truly about. You become shrewd, coldhearted, and close-minded. Your taste for the good side of life becomes so polluted that you begin to become weary of anyone and everyone who shows even a tiny inkling of compassion towards you.

I know this to be true because I led my life this way for the longest time.

I was far-removed (mentally speaking) from my fellow human beings around me. I felt as though I had dissociated myself from every single living thing in existence. My mind was the sole ruler of my existence, and I had lost all capacity for empathy and forgiveness.

To some degree, I may very well still be this way. But I’ve quickly realized over the last couple of years that everyone in our world (to some varying degree) is this way. We all live in denial to some level; to be functional-acting adults. Without a bit of denial of our current environment, we could very well lose our minds from the madness that surrounds us. Everyone chooses their choice of a drug; mine happens to be writing.

You see, being entitled may allow you to survive in the hierarchy of our society. But it doesn’t; however equate to your happiness. Entitlement is not a necessity of life; you can live without it and still succeed. You can still make great strides in the business world. Of course, you may not be as intimidating without your false sense of entitlement. Still, you will be immensely respected by everyone who knows you. You’ll be remembered fondly upon by your closest loved ones and dearest friends. You will leave a legacy of love that goes beyond any capacity of valuable knowledge.

Because the truth is told here and now: love conquers all.

In some shape or form, love always prevails even in the darkest of nights.

You likely know this already, but there are two ways to earn respect. Love is one of them, but fear is another way.

If you show those around you some semblance of human compassion, even if it may be small, then you will see some exciting results. Those closest to you will show you an immensely tremendous amount of respect. You will be the revered leader they’ve been longing for, the captain of the ship, who is just as likable as they are stern. Because like most things in life, you need to find the right balance between both sides of the spectrum.

The spectrum I’m talking about is, of course, the range of emotions and logic. The more emotional you are, the more whimsical or unreliable you will be to your team. But in that same token, the more logical you become, the less respected and less appreciated you’ll be.

The contradictions of life are endless, but once you begin to open your mind and your eyes to the broader world around you, you’ll start to understand how it works. You’ll appreciate the good-natured people in your life and let go of anyone who doesn’t care for you.

Because that is likely the root of your sense of entitlement. You’ve been wronged for too long by someone you love. You’ve had a father who was emotionally unavailable and distant from you. You’ve had a mother who had a negative response for every accomplishment you achieved. You’ve had a boss who belittles you and laughs about it right in your face. You’ve had a sibling who ignores any attempt you make at making any real relationship with them. Or, you might have had a husband or wife who abused you physically or emotionally, beyond humanly perceived pain.

Either way, you’ve led a hard life – one full of unforgiving obstacles with nobody to help you get out of your rut.

But remember this; even in your darkest of hours, only you harness the power to respond to your situation. And in turn, how you respond will likely change the very course of what happens to you in the future; forever…

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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4 thoughts on “A Sense of Entitlement Leads to Nowhere

    1. No problem 🙂, I’m glad you enjoyed the post – I wrote 5 more and have scheduled them throughout the next 2 weeks since I have a lot of homework and what not 🙂. Next one is scheduled for Monday (U.S. and Pacific Time).

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    1. Thanks Sean, it really is thanks to my introspectiveness. I am socially adept when a situation requires me to be so, but for the most part, I enjoy the company of tinkering around with electronics and such. I pretty much enjoy helping people through the Internet as much as I can with my blogs as well; it really puts my mind at ease whenever I know I can help someone out there in some way possible.


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