What is Love?

Love is such a massive part of who we are as human beings. It’s what defines us as a species, and moreover, it’s what defines the generations to come into existence.  

We are passionate creatures; we do “reckless” things out of our emotions of love. Our time’s greatest dramas, tragedies, and plays have all cumulated to stories with the whirlwind effects and consequences of true love at its highest form.

It’s something that we will never get rid of, and I’m thrilled this is the case. Because life without love is like a fish without water. In other words, there’s no point in living life without some form of love. 

The whole premise of our existence is to feel, just as much as we utilize our minds for logic. Truth be told, though, it’s a balancing act. It’s about the Yin and Yang, about the equilibrium of our existential presence here in this experience we call life.

Hello everyone, it’s me, Leon R.M. Auguste, coming to you with another post. First, I want to say thank you again for all of the new and returning followers. This has become such a great and interactive side-hobby for me. So much so that I can see myself blogging for years to come. I have plenty of time (God willing, I don’t get hit by a truck or anything). Undoubtedly, I intend to use some of that time in life reading, and more importantly, writing; here on my website.

Since the beginning of time for human beings, love has always been at the root of our birth. Love has always prospered a civilization from the harshest winters imaginable to the deadliest heatwaves known to mankind. It has always allowed people to grow into a culture worth remembering and worth knowing, for even though all of the convoluted lies, deceptions, and backstabbing, love will always prevail in the end. 

And that’s what makes life such a thrill, such a rush of fresh air.

It’s exhilarating; the experience of knowing someone you love will always be by your side, whether in life or in memory. Love still exists in both realms. A companion to always comfort you when you’re in your darkest hour of life; such a person in your personal life indeed holds great importance to you. That emotion you feel for your loved ones, that feeling you experience every time you see them; that’s what life is all about. 

Life is also about cherishing the short time we all have here on Earth and making the best of whatever twisted or unfair situation we find ourselves in. Because at the end of the day, none of the “fluff” of materialism has ever mattered. You won’t be taking anything of material wealth with you to the afterlife. The only things that remain, then, are those of our most cherished memories. Of our fondest times here on Earth.

Love is so mighty.

It defies the very laws of physics. A force that not even science can ever prove or disprove. Love is boundless, free-spirited, and has a wild mind of its own. It takes hold of you in ways you never knew existed. It transcends any drug, any source of pleasure, and any type of attention any of us could ever receive. When you find true love, it’s as though the whole world stops existing for a single moment in time. It’s as though the winds stop, the oceans become calm, and all of the problems and mayhem that plague your societal life; come to a complete and utter halt.

It’s that emotion you feel after getting over the nastiest memories, the cruelest of people, or the hardest of days. It’s a feeling of truth, the kind that never leaves you. It’s like breathing out a sigh of relief that releases all of your worries, doubts, and fears.

Such an emotion is forbidden in our world for a reason. Nevertheless, it holds the very life force to change the course of our history.

In my own personal life, I secretly utilize this force of change to better not just my future; but also the fate of other people’s lives. I understand to some degree that the feeling of love is forever fleeting and will just as soon arrive at my front door just as quickly as it’s willing to leave.

So what is the purpose of this post today? 

Well put simply, it’s to remind you of what’s essential, even when shit hits the fan. It’s to help keep you grounded when you start to feel powerless or useless. Finally, it’s to motivate you to keep on walking forward, even when you see the road ahead of you appears to be nearly impossible to traverse.

Because at the end of the day, all that remains is love.


Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste


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2 thoughts on “What is Love?

    1. Great comment man, you perfectly encapsulated what it means to be human. A mixture of both life and death, of sacrifice or personal gratification. Love can certainly be a deadly force; but like you said at the end of your comment, love can also make us live a life worth remembering back on when we’re older or about to pass onto the afterlife.

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