Music Monday! – As I Write

Welcome to my new series Music Monday! 

This series will be the very harbinger of what I listen to whenever I write stories of fiction. The series will delve into the music that has helped shaped my writing from the emotions pulled deep from the recesses of my thoughts and mind. A series of recordings of the most inspiring music that has various effects on me. Depending on what I’m writing, I usually listen to one of three types of genres. The first type of music is generally filled with a sense of danger or excitement. The second type of music being full of immense tragedy or sorrow. The third is usually that of intensely vivid-inducing music.

Here’s a sample of what I’m listening to at the moment as I write. (Click me to listen to music via YouTube). I would also advise you wear headphones if you do decide to check out the music. You can hear every single piece of note and instrument being played out much better this way. 

The thundering sounds of suspense, the dramatic waves of emotions that are elicited from such monumental crescendos. 

When I’m writing a scene full of twists and turns, I find myself gladly overcome by the adrenaline that washes over me and drowns me in the reality of life’s many experiences. My writing experience is filled with an onslaught of events, back-to-back-to-back, and I love every minute of it.

A lead-up to an even more significant event; which leads to a different path and an outcome unseen. This is the best way to describe my writing experience. Until the crescendo is met near the end of each main plotline. These are the moments I live for as a writer.

It’s so strong, so intense that my fingers are typing just in-tempo with the blinding speed of succession of the heart-pounding scenes unfolding in front of my mind’s eye. Though I can barely keep up with the pace of my rapidly-changing brain patterns as the story comes to me through some deep and inherent sixth sense, I am rewarded at the end of each scene. 

Though I may have exhausted all sources of energy-reserve within my soul, once I finish a scene, I see the hard work that actually goes into it. Like any good story, there is a definitive “beginning,” “middle,” and “end.”

I listen to countless and numerous tracks, and I’m hoping that I can share them all with this series. However, I know it might be near-impossible since there are so many tracks that I listen to while I write. Yet, with every music track played, I get that much closer to finding closure in each story I write.

Writing is such a sacred art. It consists of concentration on a level that many of us are not comfortable with. It can cause a distancing mechanism in writers, and it can often cause extreme isolation as well. Yet that’s what makes writing so intriguing. Like many other forms of expression, writing can produce works of living art. 

In the end, though, one must remember to balance out their life.

Because, as the saying goes: “everything in moderation.” Or else you can very well find yourself somewhat deranged and mentally exhausted. Therefore, during my breaks between writing, I keep each story deep within the confinements of my mind. Since nowadays, I’m focused more on schoolwork than I am with my genuine interest, which rests almost exclusively in writing.

In some way, that’s why I started this website/blog. I wanted a place where I could jot down my thoughts on different topics. But, probably the best surprise was that it also helped me connect with countless people with interesting life stories and backgrounds full of inquisitive knowledge. Furthermore, it’s led me to this unique network full of other passionate writers, photographers, travelers, and hobbyists. The entire experience has taught me such much already.

There are undoubtedly many things left unsaid in this post, but for today, I believe it’s the right time to end this piece. God bless all of you, and I hope you have a fine rest of your day (or night)!


Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

Source of photo: (click me to view photo credits)!

11 thoughts on “Music Monday! – As I Write

    1. Thank you mydangblog, it’s always a joy to find the time to write these little pieces whenever I have downtime. I also read one of your recent post about scientology and the cultural appropriation of Iceland. A very insightful and informative piece indeed. Also, great work on the sharp wit and good sense of humor; it made reading your piece all the more entertaining!

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    1. Awesome :), my Twitter Handle is on the front cover of my website. Go ahead and click on “R.S. Noel” above this article. After you get to the home page, just scroll to the bottom of the front page; you can see my Twitter Feed. Just let me know it’s you on Twitter so I can respond and follow back (admittedly, I don’t really use Twitter anymore as much; however, there is an awesome writer’s community on there that I participate with every once and a while. They have fun little quips here and there and cool challenges every once and a while). I might go back on Twitter during my winter break in December, but only time will tell lol xD

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