HALLOWEEN: A Time of Infinite and Unyielding Creativity

Well, it’s my favorite time of the year again! Being inspired by Halloween’s inquisitive and creative nature since I was young, I’ve always had a deep-rooted adoration for everything and anything spooky, magical, or haunting.

From the days of being an advent reader (and watcher) of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, I always knew I’d be up to no good on this day. From going outside and causing mayhem in the streets of my hometown with my “friends” to binge-watching anything even remotely terrifying [Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original), Halloween (Series), A Nightmare on Elm Street (Series), The Shining, etc.]. Halloween, for me, has correlated with the one time out of the year where I could enjoy the company of those closest to me. 

In recent years, it has represented something more unique, however. Halloween, to me, means a time of reflection on the history of the world.

For one reason or another, I’ve been using the day of Halloween as a time for remembrance. To remember all of the different critical moments in our world’s history. 

Ranging from the magnificent Roman Empire that spread throughout conquered nations centuries ago and to the days of ancient China with her rule of fair trade and equal measures of ruthlessness. Halloween has recently held an exceptional place in my heart for reasons unlike what it is celebrated for. It has become the one time in the year where I can reflect upon things otherwise forgotten.

As the days meld into years, I realize my mortality is upon me as I grow older. Yet, I’ve begun to feel a deeper connection to even the most seemingly insignificant aspects of all life. I feel one with the world during this holiday. I’m reminded of all the inexhaustible sources of creativity waiting to be tapped into. Waiting to be explored through.

I feel like a kid again, running around and jumping into the fallen autumn leaves. I feel the cold winds of preemptive Winter calling my name, reminding me of life’s cycle of life and death.

It makes me feel adventurous; it makes me feel like I can take on the whole world all at once and live through such an experience.

It makes me aggressive again, rekindling a reckless fire within me. It reminds me of my long-forgotten ambitions. Though I am 24 years old, I ironically feel like a spritely 99-year-old man. I feel as though I have conquered ancient ruins, ethereal jungles, and expansive deserts.

It fills me with dreamy images of teleporting back in time to existence on Earth when civilization was just at the precipice of fruition. I close my eyes and wonder what fate has in store for the world in such an ancient time.

I can feel the strange winds now, an unfamiliar ocean breeze filled with air so crisp not even I can recognize it.

As I reopen my eyes, I can see dirt-filled faces marred with unsettling fear and awe. I remember that life for our collective ancestors was one likely ruled by lies, deceit, and deception. 

For all the natural beauty around, though, I quickly lose myself in Earth’s bounty.

I escape.

I run away from civilization, make a trail of my own. I feel the whiplash of the winds now as it basks me with a new purpose.

I rise.

I find my footing in stranger lands, filled with stranger people still.

I meet new people, perhaps even some new companions who accompany me on my travels to foolishly change the world. But I’m young at heart; nothing can stop me. Not even an emperor or dictator. Nothing stands in the way of my desire for freedom of choice for all human beings on Earth. Nothing sways my unyielding resolve. I fight for the people, sacrificing myself at any cost possible.

You see, I feel like myself again on Halloween. 

I feel connected to everyone around me during this time of the year for one reason or another. There’s something more profound and darker to life, yet the light beneath such a void is yet one still indeed discovered. 

Though I may never live to see happier days for our civilization, I will always continue to use my creative force for change. So no matter how small or how large it may be, I will always honor the creativity that comes with Halloween.

With that said, may you and yours truly have a fun-filled Halloween! I hope you enjoy your time with your family, friends, and close acquaintances. Remember that life only holds meaning when shared with those who love you and who you love back.

And whenever you’re in doubt, just look up to the sky and wonder. Let your imagination run wild every once in a while. Who knows, maybe you’ll go on the adventure of a lifetime…

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

Source of photo: (click me to view photo credits)!

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