Music Monday! – An Ancient Tribal Fever

As I lay awake at midnight on the eve of this week’s Music Monday!, I am reminded of a time in which I was feral in nature. When I was a younger man, I was a wild spirit. I remember all the trouble I would get into, all the times I was seen as mischievous, an outcast in school, and my environment. Yet, during this time of rediscovery, I’ve come to remember who I was before I let society dictate my actions, thoughts, and emotions.

With that aside, I would like to say that this track is what inspires me to write certain scenes in my work-in-progress book: “Of Fated Souls and Chosen Harbingers.” – (Click me to listen to the soundtrack!)

As usual, I would recommend listening to the following track with some headphones on; you can really hear all of the instruments playing throughout the track.

The atmospheric, almost ritualistic nature of this track never fails to induce me into a state of deep-like concentration. In addition, the chanting of the men and women in this particular track gives me the sense that they are a part of the same tribe.

I imagine a foreign land within the world I created in my mind long ago. I can almost see the native peoples of this floating landmass; I can hear the ancient cries of ceremonial hunting and of cultural dances only known to these people.

The enormous floating landmass is known as Inur-Urksa. The people; known as the Urksinians. They are a proud people, a stoic and determined type as well. There is a competitive nature to their existence, unlike the civilizations belonging to this world’s other three terra-bound landmasses.

These people wield that of a brave heart. They are cunning, tactical, and calculating. Their cultural norms are similar to those of our own Earth’s early human history. Stained with mystery and marred by unknown fates, the Urksinian people are formidable fighters who have learned to maneuver their extraordinarily muscular bodies with ease.

With my storytelling put aside, for now, I want to open up a little more to you. I want to be more honest with you.

I never melded well with others I could never understand or get along with. In that regard, I would always ignore people I never liked. I believe this trait of mine stems from the neglect I received as a child. You see, I was raised in a single-parent household with only an older brother and a mother. As a result, my mom had no choice but to work 60+ hours as a mortgage funder in a corporate office.

Perhaps the name Countrywide Home Loans rings a bell in some people’s ears. Well, that’s the place my mom worked at for a little under 10 years before it went out of business in 2008 during America’s economic recession. Then, of course, Countrywide went through a merger and acquisition with Bank of America. But that’s for another story at another time.

Anyways, before my step-dad came into the picture, I was an untamed soul bouncing off the wall with energy. My mom always told me I was filled with too much energy. Maybe that was a good thing; perhaps I’ve slowly begun to get that energy back.

However, with that said, when my step-dad entered the picture, he helped me stay grounded.

But still, I’m wild – untamable. I love the thrill of being my own person and seeing the reaction of those who may oppose me. However, I’ve come to realize that honesty in society is a bad thing. No one likes honesty, especially when it uncovers secrets that someone may not want to expose.

I’m a lot of things, but the one thing I refuse to be is a phony. Even if I tried, it would be pretty apparent how bad I am at “faking” who I am around people I either like or dislike.

Life has a funny way of providing us humans a way of expressing ourselves in the most unconventional ways imaginable.

Writing is probably my favorite in all of its forms for more reasons than I can keep count of.

The writing process for me flows as it harnesses my energy and creates new life. It makes up worlds unseen, people unheard of. It sets the stage for a battleground, a war; unknown. In the end, though, even if writing is seen as “fictitious,” the one truth that remains is the fact that writing holds a mirror to our current reality. It reminds all of our otherwise distorted society.

It reflects the current morals lacking and how backward we’ve come as a collective people. It reminds us that the future doesn’t always correlate with “progress.” You see, progress is hard-earned, not something easily acquired without trial and error.

As long as we live in a culture and society of deep-rooted denial and lies, we will never progress any further than we once had before.

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

Source of photo: (Click me to view photo credits!)

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