Philosophical Journey (Part 3)

As the days go on, as the minutes change to hours, I’ve begun to realize just how quickly time slips away. I noticed when I stop keeping track of time, the progression of each day begins to meld into months, then morphing into a year, and soon thereafter, into a decade. Things have begun to speed up, and I’m not entirely happy with this reality. I don’t think anyone would be.

It’s a fact of life, but there are certain secrets which time itself knows nothing about. Things that I have kept to myself. Though time may rule our physical lives and the unique experience being alive gives us, time cannot dictate our thoughts. Our thoughts are the one singular piece of ourselves that we hold onto until the very end.

Hello everyone, it’s Leon R.M. Auguste coming to you with another post, and today I’ll be talking about the extraordinary phenomenon of our existence and how time itself is truly not the master of our entire existence.

On the one hand, time always seems to slow down when we don’t need it as much. On the other hand, time itself has a funny way of outpacing us at the most random and inconvenient of times (aren’t I punny?). It has a way of haunting us during moments of sorrow or pain, yet it flies away during moments of happier days. Such a strange occurrence, and yet, it excites me all that much more.

Scientifically speaking, the progression and existence of time only truly dictate our lives because we allow ourselves to be ruled by our mortality. If we, as a society, didn’t put so much emphasis on our “youth,” then life would be just fine. Of course, getting older also comes with a host of health complications and unforeseeable injuries; but as we age, we begin to realize that true life doesn’t exist just in the physical world alone.

We realize that there is another part of our lives that is just as equally important as the physical manifestation of our being. That is our internal world or the world in which we use our imagination and creativity.

This world is what is truly everlasting. This is the part of us that doesn’t erode away with time. Just as the seasons progress and the state of the world changes, our physical life is merely a vessel for our internal world.

We treasure our experiences, memories, and our moments with loved ones. We don’t cherish the physical manifestation of our lives, for without experiences, memories, or anything else which holds true significance in our lives, our very existence would hold no real value.

So in some strange, twisted way, I’ve realized that my physical life, your physical life, or anyone else’s physical life for that matter, holds no comparison to our internal world; or the place we call our “mind.” We are nothing without our experiences; it’s for that very same reason anyone who suffers from dementia or amnesia is looked upon with sorrow. Because we all know, to different varying degrees, that our lives don’t hold personal importance without memories or the knowledge of loved ones.

Of course, life is a mystery. To some people, this very same phenomenon can be the very same blessing in disguise for anyone who has lived a traumatic life or who has led a very difficult life, for that matter.

My favorite saying is: “take everything with a grain of salt.” You will face adversity in your life, you’ll likely face opposition to varying degrees, and most likely, you’ll have stretches of “good” and “bad” times during the course of your lifespan. But the one singular truth that exists for all of us is that in the end, we are the only ruler of our existence. Even for the man who faces persecution and death; even the woman who lives life according to another person’s will; and even the young child who sees no hope in their future – all of us still have our internal worlds.

After all, life never truly stays the same over one person’s lifetime – for better or for worse. That’s the game of life, though; for one person to live a happy life, another person suffers. In essence, life changes, even if it’s small. It morphs into something else, something unexpected and unrecognizable.

Your life, and mine, is one of an ever-changing existence. We simply cannot account for the very magnitude of our life. It is one that may never truly be understood in one book or retelling of life. For you see, we can never truly understand the meaning of our existence. Though we can philosophize about it, though we can discuss it, we really can never have one singular answer to our existence.

The easy answer is that our only purpose is to procreate. The more difficult answer is one which only you personally can discover on your own. For the road less traveled is the road which leads to true riches and glory; one in which only you have the power to find peace-of-mind and heaven-on-Earth.

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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