Of Foretold Fates and Chosen Harbingers

Hello everyone! It’s me, Leon R.M. Auguste, coming to you with another post. Today, I will make it short and provide an excerpt from Of Foretold Fates and Chosen Harbingers. This is another work-in-progress book that I’ve been writing for a while now. To be honest, this is the very first work-in-progress book I had initially started on when I was 10 years old. But through the years, growing up got the better of me, and I regrettably put this story aside.

Now, however, life has granted me a wake-up call that I cannot ignore. The story has come full force into my life once again…

The following is a work-in-progress by me, Leon R.M. Auguste. I hold and maintain all the rights for the work presented below. Thank you for your interest and understanding. Enjoy!:

The sound was growing all around her. She could hear the sounds of light footsteps, of silent whispers gliding through the jungle’s vines, of the many different noises of nature that were now engulfing the foreigners. 

Rhea couldn’t distinguish between what noise belonged to a human and what noise belonged to the wildlife of these wild jungles. Nevertheless, there was no doubt in her mind that they were being watched closely. It was only a matter of time before something immensely uncertain happened.

Rhea could hear Merthus beginning to breathe slightly faster now as the boy had undoubtedly noticed the subtle changes in the Flurrus Jungle as well. Rhea wished at this very moment that she could just comfort the young child, but she knew that it was hopeless to even pretend that everything was all right. She knew their lives had become nothing more than the basic instinct of survival. Nothing else mattered, just their willpower to make it out of this mess alive.

Moving quickly through the narrow path they were walking upon, Rhea saw the stress of uncertainty growing on Zante’s face while he turned his head slightly left and right from time to time. Rhea knew that the man was indeed trying to figure out if the hidden Urksinians would ever show themselves in the open.

She knew now at this very moment that Zante Qit’zo honestly did care for their wellbeing. If Rhea had any doubts before, they were put to rest as her eyes maintained a steady gaze on the back of Zante’s head. The back of Zante’s head was the only thing that Rhea could manage to look at. Understandable so, she feared trying to avert her gaze even slightly elsewhere as she felt it would only serve to bring more trouble to them.

In the distance from this curving road riddled with dark soil, Rhea could see two large arching gates that were closed shut. But, unfortunately, she could not see beyond that point, as there appeared to be plenty of large vines and roots covering the otherwise visible sight of the village certainly behind the gates.

Some of Rhea’s hair covered her face lightly now as a tailwind swept to the left side of her. 

The gust was of no natural occurrence. 

Rhea’s eyes grew wide with fascination. Someone was running unimaginably fast now behind the veil of the thick jungle to her left. Rhea did not dare to remove her hair from her face, as she now looked dead straight ahead without even entertaining the thought that she could look elsewhere. Her eyes were wide with paralyzed fear. 

Rhea knew her inner fear was showing, and she cursed very silently underneath her breath. She wished for nothing more but to hide such vulnerable emotions.

It was without question that Rhea, Merthus, and Dasca were simply not welcomed here. Yet, even before seeing Urksinians from the village of Kin’uly itself, Rhea slowly understood now the inner workings of such strange yet natural people of the world.

As the group neared closer to the heavily vegetated gates that undoubtedly led into the village of Kin’uly, four guardsmen stood ever so silently amongst the vines. Rhea had not seen them before, and likely because they were wearing armor with the same shade of green as the verdant gates. She was in awe at how unmoving they were, better than statues. Indeed, the messenger Zante had sent ahead of them had let these guardsmen know they were nearing the village. And by they, Rhea knew she was thinking more along the lines of Dasca, Merthus, and herself.

Because Garusgierians were not exactly on friendly terms with Urksinians, Rhea could feel the intensity of her comrades behind her. The young lady momentarily shut her eyes to allow her fears to subside just a little more.

Then, that’s when it happened.

Just as Rhea had retreated into her own mind, she was incredibly distracted once again. Suddenly, jumping from the many trees grouped tightly on both sides of the narrow path came down nine native Urksinians. 

They all appeared intimidating and full of untapped energy. Most of the native people were men, broad-shouldered and towering in size. About two of them were Urksinian women, still equally intimidating with their bulging muscles and unfamiliar physiques.

Yet, one of the Urksinian men started to walk straight up to Zante that really caught Rhea’s fearful attention. This man had the broadest of shoulders amongst the newfound Urksinians, thick arms the size of tree trunks, and powerful legs that could likely crush even a newborn gorgus.

He landed squarely in front of Zante as he stared at the man with an unflinching gaze that appeared to bulge out with deep hatred. “Zante Qit’zovena’lu hega nemno qora-dod belsion!” [Zante Qitzo… you’ve come back home with slaves in tow!].

Though Rhea had no idea what this unknown new man had just said, she could tell Zante was guarding any sign of emotions as he responded back clearly and with a deepened voice. “Jersde leme’neleno, cirlee – nem belsion.” [They are foreigners – guests, not slaves].


Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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