Gaining New Perspectives in Life

When you write, there are many different angles to look at any given situation you’re focused on a lot of the time. So whether you’re writing a non-fiction or fiction book, you’ll usually find yourself wondering which way is the best manner in which to start or view your topic of choice. Although it’s always important to see something from multiple viewpoints, you never want to look at a piece of writing and wonder about its purpose.

Yet this post isn’t about writing. No, it’s about the new perspectives gained through being more aware of your environment (both imagined and real).

One of the best methods of gaining a new perspective in your life is to imagine your own experience in a different person’s position. Better yet, you can also imagine what the world must feel like daily. For example, just imagine what the life of a mouse must be like. Or even imagine how the sound of a clock ticks within the confines of an empty house. Even amid a silent atmosphere, there is a particular vast uncertainty. The possibilities are endless with this type of imagination.

There’s no end to creativity; the only limit is yourself. Never be afraid of life and always question the validity of other people, a situation, or even the state of our world. The more you start to ask, the more you realize that everything in life is permitted. With this viewpoint, you can better understand many current world affairs in today’s globalized society.

A defining moment in any person’s life is characterized by a sense of awakening. This awakening can be the simple importance of understanding oneself in the world and where one stands in it. On the other hand, it can be a truly humbling, and sometimes even terrifying, realization when you begin to understand and come to terms with many realities of our existence and what it even means to be human in this ever-changing environment. To grasp your own identity is the single best thing you can ever do. Not only for yourself but also for those around you who truly love you and cherish you for who you are as a human being in the world.

On a more transparent note, I want to let you know that perspective also helps you to heighten your sense of awareness of the crueler fates amidst our world. You’ll realize that even though you’re just one person in a sea of other people, you have immense inner power and potential. You can change the world (even at a micro-level. Regardless, it’s still very significant in the grander scheme of life).

Furthermore, your actions, especially during times of hardship and uncertainty in your society, can help to further strengthen the bonds and connections you have with those around you.

The perspective of different people, animals, and ideologies is probably the best tool to have if you are a writer. You’re able to understand so many otherwise mysterious concepts in mainstream society. You’re able to better analyze why something happened and the many different things that caused it.

It’s kind of like being a detective, but the only thing is, no one in the entire world knows you’re paying attention.

If you choose to be naïve or willingly ignorant, I cannot judge you. I used to judge people for being ignorant back when I was a teenager. But now that I’m an adult, I’ve come to understand that everything (and I mean everything) has a reason for being the way it is. Those realities, or situations, don’t necessarily change as quickly as they should. Some facts or conditions can stay the “same” for a very, very long time.

Inevitably, however, things do change. Whether in minutes, hours, days, months, years, centuries, or millennia – everything eventually succumbs to change.

I could go on, but my time is limited today. I have a lot of work to do and so little time to finish it. So, if anything, I’ll leave you with a straightforward thought: hold the deepest parts of yourself close to your soul, but also let the world see a part of who you indeed are. In this way, you can better build your own personality through the different tribulations and trials out there in our shared environment.

After all, we show only the parts of ourselves which we want the world to see. Ultimately, this is what makes different perspectives so fascinating and intriguing. Different perspectives are the only hidden truth worth discovering in this estranged and chaotic world.

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

7 thoughts on “Gaining New Perspectives in Life

    1. True, but for me it’s kind of like a drug. I want to find out as much as I can about other people’s lives and their experiences (for better, and for worse). But I do agree that it does leave me feeling a bit “depleted” on energy. I only allow myself to imagine such realities whenever I have a day-off from work/school. In moderation, it can be a good thing to keep people humble and remind them that they aren’t the only ones living. Of course, it doesn’t make a person as competitive as before- which can be viewed as a really bad thing for their own self-sustainability and ultimate societal survival. So again, I’ll try to keep this curiosity to find different truths to a modest level 🙂

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  1. Enjoyed your piece. Agreed with it, as I had a stroke in June and was in a coma for nine days. I have lost portions of my identity and memory so trying to work out who I really am is proving to be a challenge as the different groups I interact with have differing notions. So yes we do seem to have a base and then make different changes for who we interact with. Again enjoyed the read.

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    1. Thank you Adrienne :), I’m sorry to hear about your coma- it has to be incredibly tough to lose a part of your identity. I don’t know how I would handle it. From my time speaking with you and reading some of your posts; it seems like you’ve managed to push on through with an amazing sense of bravado and curiosity. I admire your ability to look on the bright side; and I know even if some days are not good, you are strong enough to weather such storms :).

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