An Open Letter to the Universe

Hello world, it’s Leon R.M. Auguste just checking in to see how things are going in the world currently.

I wonder…why are there so many possibilities? Why is there ab endless array of choices to choose from? There’s a bottomless list of items, destinations, and places I’ve yet to venture. Because I’ve been so enraptured by the things I still feel are necessary to do before I ever get to that point in life. I’ve started so many things recently in my life, and oddly enough, I don’t feel overwhelmed this time around. Instead, I feel productive and ready to take on the world with all of its painful and glorious moments.

Feeling productive is undoubtedly not the same as being enslaved by our limitless efforts to find some semblance of peace in our lives, or is it? Some people are less fortunate than me, and then many other people are luckier than us. I wonder, what is our lot in this life? To toil away for the rest of our days. To break our bodies down over time due to the natural progression of life. Indeed, there is something more out there, or is there…?

Maybe it really is all about perspective. Perhaps it truly does come down to “in the eye of the beholder.” On an individual level, whatever each of us seeks out in life will depend significantly on our secret wishes, dreams, and desires.

But then, there are those moments. Ah yes, those moments of complete and utter bewilderment, confusion, and delusion. I begin to feel myself slowly drifting off into nothingness, barely holding onto the single metaphorical piece of wood which accompanies me down this stream which leads to the vast unknown.

Oddly enough, in this moment of immense uncertainty, I feel more connected with the world and the universe than I have ever felt before. In this moment of absolute distortion and chaos, I see the world. I know what is and what was. I see the beauty of friendship and camaraderie grow like a wild rose in the plains of heaven. I see the injustice and cruelty of cold, callous hearts and all of the injustices thrown onto the people of this physical world.

During times of grave injustice, I see the lines of society blur between the lines of humanity, for better and for worse.

I see a marriage between two souls forever intertwined in a moment of inescapable blessings and curses. I see the mingling of darkness veiled within the expanse of light.

I know the truth, no matter the mood.

So I say on this finite note, the many esoteric words no other human dares speak.

Why are you willingly allowing the world to change who you are? Who are you even? You should be changing the world, not the other way around. There are no excuses; there are no good reasons. You must steady your hand and stand tall for what you believe in. Take your convictions and grow a garden of life, not of evil. Don’t be afraid of the darkness either, for both light and dark create the equilibrium of life. Always remember, however, to tread carefully.

Lest you get lost in the void of no-return. Then, and only then, will you forever lose yourself within the abysmal and unfamiliar darkness of surreal realities that await you.

But, mayhap, that’s precisely what you need to happen in your life. To lose yourself forever to the uncertainty that comes with the dark reality of change…

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Universe

  1. Beautiful and compelling as always. I just wrote about International Chip and Dip Day, so I’m feeling like I need to up my game here to match your eloquence:-) Happy New Year, dear friend–I’m definitely looking forward to more from you in 2018!

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