Update on Life Thus Far!

Hey everyone, it’s Leon R.M. Auguste, here with a brief update! 

I hope you’re having a good day so far! It’s nice to finally get some time to catch up on what some of you guys have been up to lately, especially since I don’t have much of a social life anymore! This busy life of mine is thanks in part to school, work, my dog, and just the maintenance of life in general.

At any rate, life after the holiday seasons seems to be the time of the year where we all transition back into our routine, daily habits (for better or for worse). It’s the time when we begin to fall back into our practices and also when we begin to break our “New Year’s resolutions.” Because, let’s face it, only a tiny portion of people actually believe in New Year’s resolutions. If you really want to accomplish a goal, you’ll do it whenever the time arrives for you to make a decision.

With that said, I’m sorry for being away for such a long time. College is kicking into high(er) gear, and I’ve found myself swamped with my projects and assignments. I just took my Econ 102 Exam #1, and I believe I got somewhere between a 96%-99% on it (UPDATE: I got an 86%, so much for the overconfidence!). Of course, we’ll just have to wait and find out what I really got on it. Perhaps my professor will have it ready for us by tomorrow, but I doubt it since we just took it on Thursday. I already checked online, and she hasn’t been able to update the grades yet, so my best bet is that she’ll have it up by tomorrow or Wednesday.

Aside from Economics 102, I had two quizzes in my Accounting 120 class (computerized accounting). I got a 12/13 on the first one and a 13/14 on the second one. There’s always a trick question on each quiz, so it really does add a layer of attention to detail to it. Not my favorite aspect of the examinations, but nevertheless, I haven’t let that annoy me too much. In fact, I find it helps me realize what I’m misunderstanding or not getting. 

At any rate, when I’m not at school, I’m most likely at work. I work only Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at my place of employment (a boutique-like coffee shop). The boutique coffee shop definitely works with my schedule. Next semester I’ll be taking my last Economics class: Economics 101: Microeconomics. I’ll also be taking my final novice Accounting class: Accounting 102: Managerial Accounting. Not to mention, I’ll also be taking Business Law I (which is BUSAD 120) and Written Business Communication (which is BUSAD 106). Both of those classes are “Business and Administration” classes (or as most college students abbreviate it to be: BUSAD or BUS). 

Luckily, once I get my Associate of Science in Accounting, I’ll focus almost entirely on getting my Bachelor of Arts in Business. This will happen once I transfer from my community college to my future 4-year university (where that will be, I have no clue yet).

In this day and age, you can never be “too-educated” or skilled. Yet, it seems like the job market is ever-the-competitive.

With that update out of the way, I wanted to let you know that I have about 12 articles in reserve. They need a lot (and a mean A LOT) of reviewing and editing, though before I even think of letting them loose into the wild known as the Internet. Also, again, sorry for the lack of content on the blog/website. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any time at all to really just sit down and relax. However, I will try and find the time shortly (realistically, I should have some more time, perhaps this weekend, and some free time in about 2-weeks from next week). Supposing my schedule is freed up for this weekend, I’ll be dedicating it to primarily just editing my content here on the blog.

Thank you to those who have decided to stick it out here on my blog/website; I can only promise you that I’ll have the next couple of articles (about 4-6) up within the next 3 weeks. After that, I have a week off (so I should be able to upload 4 in one week and write some more posts/articles in reserve). 

Well, that’s all that’s really going on in my life at the moment. I’ll keep you guys posted periodically, but for now, I’ll be going back to studying and doing some more small projects here and there. You can expect the next post/article to be up by this weekend. Again, I appreciate all of the patience and support you’ve given me over the last couple of weeks. College is really crazy and hectic, but in the end, I’ll be better at networking and finding opportunities wherever they exist. 

No matter how hard it is for me to overcome any obstacles, I know I can let my work ethic speak for itself. So, with that said, I will talk to you guys again in the future, till then!


Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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9 thoughts on “Update on Life Thus Far!

    1. Hey friend :)! Thank you for the compliment; and I hope you’re doing well so far! I’ve found I can go a long time without proper sleep lol. College has a funny way of making people grow up in extreme ways :). I know the skills I acquire will help out businesses out there once I’m done. My main goal is to be able to travel in my late 20s-to- mid 30s. For now, college is playing a big part of my life (lol).


    1. Hey Julie :)! What motivates me is the people (namely family) in my life I can help support! My mom and dad are so close to being able to retire. I would like to one day at least give them a house to spend the rest of their homely days in :). If anything, I’d like to send them on some kind of cruise or vacation to Mexico or Canada (or even somewhere else in the U.S.). It’s the least I can do for my hardworking parents; they’ve certainly sacrificed a lot to ensure my older brother and I received a better opportunity to truly thrive and claim the lifestyle they were never given. Of course, my mom works for the government, but my dad works as a night-crew worker for Ralph’s (Kroger owned). Luckily he’ll be retiring really, really soon; so I hope my older brother and I can get a portion of our own money and combine it together to send them on a nice trip :). Anyways, now I’m just rambling lol; I’ll definitely be around on the weekend. That’ll definitely give me some time to read a lot of content from your blog and everyone else I enjoy talking briefly with. I’m really glad I initially invested my time and energy into this blog; it really is an awesome place to meet people :D.

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  1. Glad you have a small break to come up for air – school and all that working can make you crazy when you have little or no time to yourself. Then, you go on semester or trimester break and suddenly have all kinds of time on your hands – too much sometimes. My friend (whom I mentioned to you before when you said you were resuming school after Christmas break), started grad school last August after being out of school 39 years, and she was off school on break from December 4th until January 16th. She said that was overly long and was ready to hit the books again. She does not graduate until 2019.

    Your schooling mirrors what I did. I, too, went to community college before transferring to university my last two years. I went to Henry Ford Community College and liked it because I got involved in many activities there … in high school, we lost our millage the first two years so no college prep or extra-curricular activities, just in our senior year and there were not many, but, once at HFCC, I got involved with student government, National Model United Nations and the student newspaper. Made some great friends, but no social media in those days, or even cellphones, so I’ve lost touch with all of them, and I’ve not even been able to find them on Facebook either.

    I also was like you in that I worked only weekends (you have Friday to work too, but my classes were always M-F), while I was in school and carried a full load of classes. I worked in a diner my entire time in college/university and loved it, as it brought me out of my shell, as I had been pretty shy before that. I worked all holidays, semester breaks from school, and all Summer the entire way through graduation in 1978. I don’t know if it will be the same for you, but the pace at university was hard to adjust to since at HFCC we were on semesters, going 16 weeks, and at WSU, it was trimesters, maybe 12 weeks as I recall, and, it seems we just started a new term and were already having mid-terms before I even got settled in. It was large lecture halls and professors and classmates who never even knew your name. – all a little impersonal in my opinion, but it got the degree done and that was the main goal (even though I’ve never worked in the journalism field … no jobs by the time I graduated with my degree in print journalism.) Everyone wanted to be the next Woodward and Bernstein and the market was flooded with journalists. I started at a major advertising agency (Young & Rubicam) but we lost our major account and I realized that wasn’t going to going up the ladder anytime soon, even though one of my bosses was my mentor and had encouraged me to work my way from a secretary to a junior copywriter. Unfortunately he left for another agency, and I left as well, and got a job as a legal secretary – that’s where I’ve been since 1980 … sigh.

    Good luck with your exams and schooling – it is a long haul, but with the subjects you are studying, you should be all set with a great career when you finish your studies.

    P.S. – I just read a comment you made … you are very mature for your age. My parents are no longer here, but they did put me through college and offered to pay for whatever studies I wanted to pursue. I had wanted to be a veterinarian but my math grades were not good, and I struggled with chemistry and physical science as well. And they bought me a car so they did not worry I was driving around in an unsafe vehicle. I was an only child. So, I am grateful for that. My job through college/university paid for my gas for the car, entertainment with friends or music, etc., clothes and trips. I enjoyed travel in my 20s and 30s a well.

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    1. I always enjoy reading your comments lindasschaub! As I read through your comment, your experience made me have a sort of “deja-vu” moment as I began to relive small pockets of time throughout your own life. I could almost imagine what your experience through college was like, what your time working in the diner must have been like, what it must have been like to work at the advertising agency (those were VERY big back than, sort of like accounting firms now. Kind’ve scary to think of, perhaps accounting firms will meet the same fate as advertising agencies…). More importantly, I could also imagine the time you spent traveling in your 20’s and 30’s; and how fun that must have been like!

      Thank you for always sharing your memories and insights. I truly look forward to when I get to read your comments. To be honest, I read your comment earlier today and wanted to make sure I replied only when I felt it was right to respond back with some free time and the opportunity to really analyze your comment. I hope to continue meeting awesome people like you and the other bloggers on here!

      -R.S. Noel

      Thank you for the compliments! I’m sure I still have a lot left to learn, but I’ll continue to make the best of this journey called life!

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      1. You’re so welcome R.S. Noel, and, as I said in the past, I often identify with your perception of life, but this post really hit close to home.

        School was a very big part of my life, but, I loved working at the diner, the interaction with other people, from all walks of life, and, it was sort of a balm to the rigors of school. I looked forward to weekends and school time off to be at the diner, especially the last two years of school which felt so impersonal and were the most difficult of my school days, given not only the school work but the mandatory internship … I was placed in a P.R. agency because WSU could not place all its journalism students at newspapers since there was such a glut of us in the print and broadcast journalism program. They didn’t really have a need for me there at the P.R. agency and yes, ad agencies are so different now.

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