Two Different People; Two Separate Journeys (A Long-Form Poem)

This piece was inspired by a recent whirlwind of events related to immense inner-growth. So, without further delay, let me share a part of my soul with you.


Down by the knurled tree, right of the curved stone wall, and left of the beach-sand; stand two very different men on two separate and unlikely journeys.

One is hardworking, dedicated to achieving greatness, and prepared for the unknown.

The other one is carefree, unassuming, and full of excitement and innocent joy.

But both men stare out towards the same horizon. As their life is yet on the cusp of a whirlwind of events.

The hardworking man is ready for anything, prepared for nothing and ready for all-the-in-between.

He’s prepared, yet he also knows that nothing in life will be overly complicated or difficult for him to handle.

The unmotivated man is ready to enjoy whatever journey life throws his way. In a sense, this man is more prepared for the vast unknown than the hardworking man.

That’s the excitement of life, not knowing if one is destined for greatness or if one is destined for normalcy.

For that is the big hidden secret of life. Truth be told, there is no such thing as failure. There is only greatness and normalcy.

Just as much as the hardworking man may be focused on succeeding, the unmotivated man may very well be the one who is thrust into greatness. He has no time to prepare for such change. He knows not how to readjust his life.

Just as that hardworking man has made it his life’s goal to become the lead-man of the world, the other man has yet to realize that the strange workings of life have gifted him with all of the worldly secrets he needs to fulfill such a magical destiny.

For that is what the hardworking man doesn’t fully understand.

Life is not about him, or her, or even them. It is not about how well you prepare yourself with education and indoctrination. No, it is about how well you train your mind, heart, and soul.

It’s about knowing when to make a move to benefit not only yourself but those around you.

It’s about understanding that some days will be filled with treachery, lies, deceit, and deception.

It’s about accepting love and compassion into your heart even when your inner life is filled with turmoil and rage.

The light of truth is one surrounded by endless dark days.

The true light is that in which we cannot see.

It is the light in which you and I are forever blind to but can feel through divine glimpses and visions:


Ray of hope; wash away my woes.

Beautiful songbirds; mince my ordinary life with beautiful chimes.

Ocean breeze, come and engulf me in the unheard secrets and truths that rest within your depths.

In the depths of the unknown, I found hope.

In the calamity of the end-days, I began to feel a gust of confidence and inner strength I never knew existed in my soul.

In the singular sound of your distant voice, I found peace and solace once again. For in this moment of unique silence – I knew I wasn’t truly alone.

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

Photo credits: (Click anywhere on this sentence to view the source for the picture used in this piece!)

4 thoughts on “Two Different People; Two Separate Journeys (A Long-Form Poem)

    1. No problem, I enjoy making small thought-provoking pieces here on WordPress. Perhaps not always aligned with cultural norms; but moreso whatever is aligned with universal truth (which is very often, if not almost always; separate from human dreams, desires, or general activity). I enjoy letting people reach their own new insights through my work, it makes for quite an intellectually stimulating experience!

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  1. “Life is about accepting love and compassion even if” this line spoke to me about the fact that we can chose or not chose love and compassion and someone that is hurting has a hard time doing that. It is a strong person inside that can open their heart show their pain and accept the gift of love. We all have to do that accept divine love as well as human love when we are at our worst sometimes. Great job writing.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this piece, I’m aways intrigued by the world around us. I believe that only was the inspiration behind this piece. Knowing that there are so many different types of “life roads” a person can walk upon. But ultimately, it’s what each person accepts as a path to follow that will define who they are in the end.

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