The Song of an Ancient People (A Short-Form Poem)

Deep within our hearts and soul lies the song of an ancient people.

As the rivers flow with crystalline-clear water and natural minerals – they sing in a reassuring calmness.

As the thunder roars in the distance, skies and rain trickle down like a saddened God – they sing with a darkened sorrow.

As the winds howl in the wide-open plains of a verdant and plentiful landscape – they sing with a carefree spirit.

And as the raging fires of battle rage on, they sing with united strength.

As winter turns to spring, their tune changes from solitude to one of the new beginnings.

And thus, as the song of the ancients echoes deeply within our hearts, it reminds us of our shared commonalities. 

Though we may all live different lives, even for a fleeting moment – we all remember one truth. One truth for why we work, why we gather food, why we celebrate a new life, and why we pay our respects for the passing of old life.

It is all for a song of merriment, a song of devastation, a song of trial and error. That is the purpose of our existence, after all. Or is it?

Soothing yet harsh, reassuring, and profoundly devoting – no sound or impression could ever take away such a beautiful and natural song.

It begins as a hymn and a simple whistle. But as more and more people gather, it builds up like a mighty crescendo.

This is the song of undying hope. This song is for those who have yet to be born and those who have lived long lives. It is that of a higher calling. It is that of an unending struggle to make ourselves better with each passing day.

So remember when you hear the song of the ancients, where you came from and where you’re going.

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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