Philosophical Journey (Part 4)

Hello everyone, today I’ll be talking about the true meaning of life. It’s a complex answer, but one that we should all ponder upon from time to time.

All of our lives, in some way or another, are interlaced into each other’s existence.

Think about this for a moment:

Have you ever wondered why you feel good whenever you’re with the ones you love?

Or, on the flip side, have you ever wondered why you’re so repelled by people who are “too” happy?

Well, for the first statement, the answer is quite clear. There are two reasons for this.

The reason you’re strongly attracted to your loved ones (or even those around you who you associate with) is because of how they make you feel. Your brain translates the emotions you feel and cements new memories with them. In turn, the neurons in our brain transmit messages to the part of our brain that houses our emotional cortex. So we are, by design, compelled to be close to our loved ones because of the way they make us feel about ourselves.

True love is the opposite of the above statement.

Let me explain.

Whenever we witness our loved one having a happy moment, we become delighted with true love. Without a doubt, this is what true love is comprised of.

On the other side, there is an opposite reality from true love. That is, whenever you don’t want anyone getting “too close” to you, emotionally speaking, then you are most likely wounded from a past experience in your life. This deep wound has likely left your soul temporarily disfigured.

The strange part is that we often don’t put much “soul” into our interactions with others during our everyday activities. But, of course, the apparent reason is that we don’t trust strangers completely (which is a good thing).

So what I’m talking about is whenever you’ve fostered a friendship with another person, and you suddenly feel as though you don’t want to hang out with them anymore. Or you just don’t want to deal with hearing them. In some way, this is society’s fault, as we have conditioned people in the modern world to be “dismissive” of others and only be concerned with ourselves.

In many regards, it really is your own choice in how you react to this feeling of dissociation. Society, since the beginning of time, has always been a massive contradiction.

But perhaps these contradictions are a good thing.

Perhaps it saves us from pointless suffering at the hands of someone who has ill intent or is even unsure of how they are truly feeling or thinking.

The only time we as people truly come together is in times of struggle and hardship.

This creates a solid yet temporary bond between people of such a community. Thus, in turn, any “outsiders” from that moment onward are then seen as an “invader” in this dynamic.

Thus, in modern society, to no one’s fault, we’ve all become dissociated from one another. This is due to the competitive nature of life. This does not just include capitalism. Sure, capitalism intensifies the truth of dissociation. Still, in reality, life has always been cold, ruthless, and a never-ending struggle when seen from the general populace’s perspective.

In fact, life itself, when viewed outside of our own personal lives, is pointless.

And I don’t just mean pointless in the way a young adult might see it.

No, I mean pointless in the manner that every single aspect of our social lives is tangibly empty. True life, outside of society’s safe and comforting boundaries, is where the meaning hides. Then again, life outside the boundaries of comforts and lies is a harsh reality. But, of course, with every negative aspect comes a positive outcome as well.

Life, when lived “naturally,” gives us a compelling reason to live.

Without this vital aspect of life, our human existence can seem “deathly pointless.” Yet without the safety and comfort of society, life is feral, thoroughly vicious, and unkind to levels unknown by many of us as humans living in the modern “First World” countries.

So in many probabilities, life in society is likely the better of two evils.

The only downside to society is that most people don’t usually actively feel the need to participate in it.

This is a side effect of living in a “profits first” business environment. Unfortunately, humans have undoubtedly made life more complicated than it already is due to this kind of existence.

Furthermore, because of the natural inefficiencies of human effort in workplaces, we have degraded ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters to mere “cogs in a machine.” We’re all just seen as algorithms, statistics, data. All of us waiting our turn in a line leading to little gratification and more suffering in the end.

But the truth is, the alternative is scarier.

For some people, though, that alternative is their only way out; it’s their only comfort in a society that no longer looks out for their basic needs as human beings.

This is where my own personal experience comes into play in the narrative of this truth and reality. During darker times in my young adult life, I was faced with this dilemma and tried with my best efforts to try and find a way to solve this puzzle we as human beings have created for our children, our working-class people, and our elderly.

The truth that I’ve found is that I don’t think I’ll ever share in the fear that it will crush any such hope or inspiration to see change occur in our world, even at a micro-level.

Moving back to the topic at hand. Individually, when we find ourselves in our most vulnerable, or private, moments, we find that life has much more meaning. This is due to our capabilities as human beings to fully process our thoughts when we’re alone and figuring out what to make of life or our current situations.

Another alternative route to when we find ourselves alone is being able to foster our imagination. That’s the trick of life; it’s all about creating your own personal world in your mind. To make yourself feel confident and assured about yourself. In turn, it makes you not care so much what negative people have to say to you.

Anyways, I want to end today’s post here before I go on any further. I have many other topics that I’ll be delving into, but for now, I think this should be an excellent spot to end.

Remember to always trust your gut instinct and never doubt your intuition whenever you’re in doubt about something, someone, or anything that may seem a bit off.

Life’s full of surprises, twists, turns, and adventures – so make the best of it!

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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