Philosophical Journey (Part 5)

Hello everyone – I first want to thank all of my returning and new readers!

I’ve been reading many of your own blog posts over the past few days, and it’s inspired me to let go of some of the slight biting fear still lingering inside of me. Undoubtedly, over the following years, I feel that I will be sharing an overall reflection of our shared world and reality with you.

Since time immemorial, humans have strived for survival. 

Many-a-times, our ancestors failed. Other times though, they’ve succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. 

Only recently did we really fight for a life worth living for. A life worth experiencing. 

But what really defines success? In fact, I realized my definition of success may very well, in fact, be vastly different from the definition of success society has thrust upon us.

To me, success is defined as achieving some form or level of enlightenment in your own personal life. 

Once a person has achieved this general sense of acceptance and inner-happiness, their life truly begins to flourish in ways indescribable in any human words.

It’s as though the adventure of a lifetime has just begun, and you suddenly find yourself aboard the ship, embarking on this magical and mysterious journey. It’s as though the thrill of the unknown no longer scares you. But, more importantly, you begin to change without even realizing it’s happening to you.

There are so many unheard secrets, unattended emotions, and unfulfilled desires surrounding us in our daily lives. It’s a silent cry to live a life worth living and experiencing. Though my societal life may not live up to the generic standards of “success,” my personal life has flourished immensely beyond even my wildest dreams. I’ve come to thank God for giving me this peculiar yet particular life.

The true meaning of life? It’s simply to enjoy the company of your loved ones, your friends, and the many new people you may very well meet throughout your lifetime. It really is as simple as this. 

Nothing else should ever get in the way of you and your loved ones. 

Life holds so much more meaning and depth when you begin to shed away the layers and layers of lies and deception our modern-day society has spoon-fed us since birth. Life is so fantastic and tragic, and it would be a shame to not be able to experience all of this in its entirety.

My heart races every time I write, my mind tinkers and moves with the waves of emotions and logic like an ocean long-forgotten.

I swim deep within the ether of life and death, finding myself on the very fine line between this world and the next. Philosophy is this experience and so much more. Truth is the acknowledgment of The Other and how we fit into such a scenario. It is the acceptance of indifference. Moreover, philosophy is the very definition of madness.

It’s grander than any modern-day drama or play, and it’s more accurate than any of the false idols the mainstream media tries to forcibly shove down our throats. 

There’s a real sense of beauty in the sadness of philosophy as well. Still, there’s a definitive grace and alluring aroma of joy about philosophy too. Both of these combined create quite a life worth experiencing. 

It helps to shape your consciousness to better understand the truths, lies, and everything in-between. It allows you to secretly know when someone is lying to you; it helps you in times when you recognize genuine intent. It can certainly help you when you feel uncertain.

Trust your gut instinct; it’s there for a reason.

We cannot fail because there is no such thing as being an actual failure in life. Failing is defined only by society. In the natural world, you can never fail because you will always try your hardest and damnedest to live another day.

It’s grit that gets us through the tough times; it’s a sense of morality of what we see as right or wrong.

Most importantly, don’t forget the depths of your love either, for that is the energy source of all creations and great things. That is the only force in the whole universe that is uniquely human. It is something even the darkest of nights could never take away, for its’ flames burn eternal. As long as humans exist, it will always burn.

We live for our loved ones; we live for our hobbies and charitable work. We live for the days of great joy and great sorrow. We live for the songs of storytelling. Yet, our lives are defined not by what we say but by what we do.

Heart of passion and agony is what makes life worth living. It creates an experience of grandeur and specialty. It fosters the deep drive within all of us to create a story and carve out a path that will never again be walked or experienced. No one knows the thoughts that swirl in your mind at night, for your life is yours alone. 

And even though we may die alone, we create memories together. This has always comforted me. It has constantly reminded me that even enemies make great companions when death has met you halfway.

Think of all of the times you may have felt yourself question the validity of your life. Think back to all of the days you asked why you’re still alive. If you can remember as far back as possible, think back to those happier days when you felt truly alive and well.

Those thoughts, memories, and emotions you felt will never die out. Those are your creations alone, and nobody can ever take that away from you, no matter how much they may hate or despise you.

I know the road ahead of me is one riddled with pain, suffering, and the wondrous unknown. But I’ve come to accept this reality. So I forgive any hatred, any such malice, or any misunderstandings that may arise. 

My end-goal in life? That will remain a secret even till the day I die. 

But what I will say; is that I hope it’s not too late. I hope this post has reminded you that you still have a duty to fulfill as a human being in some small or large way. You are still needed here on Earth, even if it’s to keep the company of your loved ones. 

You can’t back down, not now. For our lives, in death, hold no more meaning than the darkness of the universe. 

But in life, we can create such catastrophic change that nothing in the world could ever be prepared for the healing, comfort, and truth you bring along. You have your whole life to change the world, and even if you’re older, as long as you’re still alive and breathing, you haven’t failed. 

Make amends with your past. Move on to a more adventurous future. And above all else, always remember that your heart, your passion, and your love will be cherished until the end of time itself. 

For love is a human emotion. No matter how vast or wide the universe is, nothing can ever eradicate or swallow that truth.


Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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