What I Did

Upon this day, comes the whispers of a long forgotten calling…

Where has the time gone?

When are we going to find our hope amidst these shattered dreams?

Inescapable as death, our decaying morality has shifted.

A song of hope, yet tears of lost loves.

Fighting to survive, a clash of thorny emotions.

You wander to the light, but I falter in the darkness.

The last glimpse of life in your eyes shines dimly as you look my way.

A smile escapes you.

A tear betrays you.

What I did, I do not know?

Who I am, I cannot say.

For your love was the only warmth I’ll ever know in this world. For your compassion is the last ray of light I’ll ever come to know in these final days of our destroyed world.

And as time itself is shattered, my last words to you are: “I’m sorr-”

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

5 thoughts on “What I Did

    1. Thank you Terveen for sharing your thought on this piece.

      I was oddly inspired by seeing other people in the world right now going through messy splits, divorces, or general parting of ways.

      Though it’s a sad poem, from the narrator’s eyes, I like to believe the woman leaving the relationship is going on to bigger and better things in her life.

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