In 2021: A Divided World

The title of this blog piece appears to allude to a very dark topic. In fact, 2/3rd of this post will come off as very realistic (or pessimistic depending on each individual reader’s threshold). But rest assured, the last portion of this post is me opening up on the truth of our current and future situations and what we can do to push through the hard days yet to come.

So without further ado, it’s best to get right to the heart of today’s blog.

In 2021, there are so many opinions, so many thoughts, so many half-truths, and half-lies. But one thing remains the same, we’re all dealing with demons beyond imagination. 

I may live a comfortable life and work remotely. Still, even I know life is increasingly challenging at this moment in history. We’re all trying to make our lives function (in whatever capacity that means to each person), and we’re all dealing with uncountable problems. 

It’s a wonder some of our so-called “leaders” are even still holding positions of authority when they continuously remain silent on the hard-hitting issues that are affecting all of us. 

Depending on the state each American lives in, each of us is dealing with a different beast. I left my birthplace in California because, by the end of the summer of 2020, even I could see the writing on the wall. That state is no longer habitable for conservative-thinking people. Tragically, the truth of the fact is that what mainstream media is touting as “Democrats” versus “Republicans” is nothing more than a distraction from the real truth.

Whatever happened pre-2020 no longer exists in our world. This is both a good and bad reality. For those who live in denial 24/7, this is bad news bears. But, on the other hand, clarity exists for those living their own personal truths. The reason for this clarity? Right now, all sectors of society are trying to figure out the new playing field. 

I often wonder if this is how a society goes down or how a society strengthens. Being born and raised as an American on the west coast (and currently living in the heartland of the midwest for the last year now), I often see every single country outside of America as falling apart in one way or another. 

Again though, are the other country’s societies falling apart? Or are the people in those countries fighting hard enough against their tyrannical governments with no end in sight? Unfortunately, none of us may ever know the actual depth of this dark time in our world history. 

However, even as realistic as I can be (borderline pessimistic), there is one enlightening truth in all of this chaos and mayhem.

The people’s voice matters in America. Our society can certainly semi-fail come January 4th (since vaccine mandates are projected to affect all employers that employ more than 100 workers). Many people are split between getting the vaccine every year moving forward, and others don’t really mind it. Regardless of what side of the aisle you’re on, the fact remains that this is a global problem, not just a local U.S. problem.

Moving beyond such news, I feel there is the usual power struggle and fear-mongering going on right now in the political sphere, the societal sphere, and the individual sphere.

In the political sphere, every politician naturally has their own agenda. Whether it’s related to healthcare, our government, corporations, or even their own particular interests – naturally, every politician has their own plan.

In the societal sphere, it’s even murkier. With no honest guidance from our leaders (particularly in federal and state government), we, the people, are left to fend for ourselves in a strangely Orwellian-like environment. It honestly feels as though the current leadership wants this chaos. To me, 2020 wasn’t nearly this chaotic as 2021 has been (and 2019-2020 is when the virus actually broke out on the world stage). 

Understandably, it’s left me feeling very cynical of anything to do with government at all levels. In fact, the societal sphere (for the foreseeable future) is non-existent for me as I do not participate as heavily in society as I once did.

Lastly, I’ve flourished (and struggled) the most in the individual sphere. The countless possibilities and opportunities (not always necessarily tied to money) that have sprung up into existence for me are numerous. I’ve grown exponentially on a spiritual and religious level. I don’t believe life before 2020 was ever clear for me. 

But after March 31st, 2020 – life had finally become “easier” for me to understand and accept. On the eve of my 27th birthday on April 22nd, 2020 – I’ll never forget the feeling of betrayal I initially felt before going through a profound experience of rebirth.

As I conclude today’s post, I want to remind everyone that no matter where you stand in your life – only you can seek out the answers of life. Nobody else is responsible for helping to find your way “towards the light.” But, unfortunately, it’s not something society teaches us, nor is it anything our politicians or business leaders particularly care for. 

After all, those who are greedy and truly selfish love having ignorant members of our community. Therefore, you must remain vigilant and steadfast in protecting your moral compass, health, wealth, and well-being. How you do this is up to you to decide. 

But ultimately, you must do this all during a period when the only genuine support you have is God, yourself, and your most trusted loved ones. And even then, I can confidently say God is the only one I place my faith in. The problem with loved ones (or anyone, for that matter) is that we’re all still human. 

We make mistakes, blunders, and often mean well but can’t change the hands of time backward. Thus, I like to keep other people at a healthy arm’s length distance in real life. It makes life less complicated and often makes for a pleasant exchange (but not always, remember, we’re all a bit messy and problematic).

I end today’s post with a simple word of wisdom: God speed, and may He bless you through the challenging years to come for this physical world.


Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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