Philosophical Journey (Part 6)

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts at 11:00 p.m., and I wanted to record them instead of pretending these feelings didn’t exist. To be honest, I feel much better just getting these thoughts written down and out of my system. Sometimes, one needs to release the emotions, chaining them down, especially an introvert like myself. 

Anyways, without further ado, here are my thoughts at 11:00 p.m.! I hope you find the raw emotions and thoughts insightful/refreshing. Don’t take anything I say too literally; I just like to feel inspired and creative at times during these moments when I get thoughts off my chest since it builds up after a long, long time.


Over these last few days, I’ve gone through a tremendous transformation.

To understand how I’ve become more assertive in my resolve to help people, I must start with where it began.

I’ve begun to see the world through the eyes of an entrepreneur. It’s not what I expected, and unquestionably, I’ve come to realize that it’s a lot easier than trying to hold a steady job. Yet, there’s something worthwhile about it, something that I can’t explain in mere words alone. It’s as though this is the ancient and secret language only a few individuals have ever mastered in the world’s history.

I admittedly have begun to wield these tools to my advantage. But, I must also admit something right here and right now.

Everyone, including myself, no matter how “wealthy” or “poor” we may be, we have contributed to this poisonous, toxic, and inhumane global society in which we currently exist.

Today, I’ll be sharing how I’ve come to realize what has caused such a massive rift between our current reality and our ideal world.

The actual world we should be living in can certainly be achieved. But I won’t sit here and pretend everything could ever go according to any type of blueprint. Life isn’t perfect, and we aren’t perfect beings after all.

No, today, I’ve begun to accept that the people of our country hold the true power. Not the corporations, for they only hold economic control over our lives. Not the leaders of our world, for they mean nothing without our most basic form of acceptance. Not those who are mega-stars or athletes, for their audience only exists through us, the people.

I’ve always known this fact, this reality. The voice of the people is exponentially more important than any dollar value could ever hold against us. But it’s our responsibility as a people to utilize that voice. To use our inner strength to act on causes that need resolving humanely.

There’s something to be said about our current state of affairs in the world. But, unfortunately, history appears to repeat itself over and over and over again.

We’ve lived far from our human reality for such a long time now. In fact, I don’t know when the last proper period existed in world history where we all thrived as a community. It’s time we begin to foster our bonds with one another. As a global community, it’s time we fight against those who do not wish to foster such strong and true bonds.

Community is what matters the most right now. A sense of creating and sharing the fruits of our arduous labor is what life is all about. Giving back to those who worked so hard for our everyday comforts and security is what we should be doing.

We were meant to be a group, not individuals competing against one another until one side dies off into oblivion. We were told to share our differences and be accepting of our sometimes annoying habits or displeasing ticks.

We are only as significant, or as insignificant, as the sum of our companions and enemies.

Sometimes I wonder how we as a society have been led astray by those who “run the show.” The matter is that life is more complex and complicated than any single one of us wishes to admit.

I’ve realized that the only way to great salvation for people in the world is by sticking our feet firmly in the ground and fighting for what we believe is right. Whether that benefits some people and hinders others has yet to be seen. But in an idealistic world, I would like to think the actions we take every day during our lives can only create and foster goodness for all people. That’s the kind of world I’ve always dreamed of when I was a child. And now that I’m an adult, that’s the kind of world I’m actively working towards creating.

I am tired of the attitudes of those who wish to leave people out of prosperity.

I’ve grown weary of those who wish harm, and even death, onto others.

Instead, I have felt the unspoken pains and enduring sorrows of a whole world at unease.

We pretend like everything’s alright in our daily lives only because we know we feel hopeless in causing any real change. So what kind of world are we leaving for the children of tomorrow? I thank God every day that I wasn’t fool-hearty, clumsy, or reckless enough to bring a child into this demented, cruel, and unforgiving world.

Those who hold power hold it all for the sake of ensuring they don’t lose their means of income or means of gathering resources for their families and friends.

It’s as though we as humans are weak; we always have been. We are afraid of speaking up for those who do not have a voice. Our fear of authority figures has paralyzed us into perpetual silence until death-do-us-apart.

Yet we are intertwined, you and I.

We will always be connected, whether you hate or love, that fact. So our thoughts on such truth are irrelevant after all. What remains, in the end, is the truth alone, and our reaction to such things must align with goodness. Because if we continue to fight one another, if we continue to play at these useless and time-wasting games, it will only lead to our ultimate destruction as a civilization.

It will only further the wealth of those in positions of power. That’s what they want.

So if we can create a world where we can one-day share commonalities and differences with one another – I believe we can achieve anything. Sharing our communities with each other, sharing resources with our neighbors, and most importantly, sharing higher education with all of the adults and children of this world. To me, that would be a world worth living in. It sure as heck also sounds like a world worth fighting for too. 

It’s the kind of world we should have created centuries ago. But for obvious historical reasons, we as a people have always been split. Whether for our indifferences, insecurities, or survival instincts, the story has always remained the same. From our sense of duty and pride, our sense of ego, our sense of stupidity, and most importantly, our sense of ownership and entitlement.

Because, in the real world, one must be ruthless, savage, and psychopathic to not only exist but to thrive in life. This is not an opinion, nor a fact-checked truth, but a universal reality of our existence. This nature in us contributes to the upside-down world we see today.

This is not what I should be typing right now. It should be the other way around. We should have a world where one can be decent, kindhearted, firm in their resolve, yet wise in their actions. That’s the kind of world I wish we lived in. 

Though not perfect, I know the world can be more humane. I know it could be a world where those who seek salvation could receive the most basic necessities for survival. And the truth is, we can create that world. We just need to stop playing this foolish cat-and-mouse game and realize that our time of impact on this world is limited.

Until we begin to open our eyes and see the truth of our connectedness, we will never succeed in creating a healthier society. Sadly, though I hate to admit this, I have always known that our shared humanity will never reach such a level of attainment or enlightenment. For ours is a period of damnation. Ours is a time of paying for all the past sins and debts of our ancestors. And without righting our wrongs, we will continue to live this way.


Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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