Hybrid Humans and Automation: A Chance to Explore Mars, the Universe, and Beyond!

Hey everyone, it’s Leon R.M. Auguste coming to you with another post! 

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of today’s topic, that being my thoughts on hybrid humans and outer space travel, I wanted to share some initial thoughts. Mainly my thoughts on automation and how we are becoming insignificant in the workplace. 

I’ve gained some knowledge from the experiences and information through reading articles and watching documentaries in my free time from studying in college.

Today, for no particular reason but to satiate my own curiosity, I was reflecting on the future of humanity in the world. In particular, I pondered on big businesses utilizing automation and technology to make humans insignificant in the workforce.

Of course, it’s troubling, and moreover, it’s disheartening to be reminded daily just how “useless” we are.

Today, I read a couple of articles about automation and artificial intelligence and was reminded of our changing times. Humans need each other more than ever before in our global history. As I stated in a previous post, I’m studying business and accounting practices in college in the hopes that I can help build small businesses in 3rd world countries. The reasoning for this is because 3rd world countries are still in the “developing” stage. 

Unfortunately, first-world countries are now being termed “overdeveloped.” Thus, human life is seen as insignificant in terms of employment opportunities. On either side of the aisle, some are optimistic, and some are pessimistic. But either way, there are no alternatives in our shared future.

My goal is to create opportunities where there may have never been any before.

I don’t see myself staying in my home country (America) for very long. 

During the last year of my college experience in 2022, I intend to start networking with overseas companies to be a global Marketing Specialist in foreign firms. 

I can’t help but realize that even though I’ll miss my home country, I don’t think it’s economically smart or safe to stay here for the long term. Yes, of course, I can make money here in America. But I would need to work upwards of 50-60 hours each week, and for me, I don’t plan on having a family. Instead, I plan on traveling the world and discovering the issues each country is faced with. We’re living in incredibly historic times, and it would be a disservice to God and to myself if I just remained secluded in the comforts of Sioux Falls, SD.


With that introductory piece out of the way, I want to talk about my thoughts on why I also realize that perhaps hybrid humans really wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

There are so many exciting and strange possibilities in terms of space-fairing expeditions throughout the universe. 

Firstly, we could have the body of an android-type humanoid while retaining the creative mind of a human being. That would undoubtedly allow humanity to evolve to our space-faring civilization’s “next level” more easily. Of course, all of this would be in the name of human survival and intelligent life as we know it. We would send these hybrid humans to other planets to explore and thrive on.

I used to be so against this idea. Still, as I’ve grown older, I’ve realized how necessary that kind of human evolution would be. Take Mars, for instance.

Mars is a world with far lesser gravity pull than Earth. How is this relevant, you ask? Well, in our current state of being, any human beings we ever dreamed of sending to Mars would likely face unimaginable health complications. The likes we’ve never seen on Earth in our “natural” habitat.

So this is where our hybrid human being would come in. 

“Self-healing” through restorative nanotechnology could be a new reality.

We could begin to see longevity in human lifespans like never before. It would be almost biblical in nature, defying naysayers and proving that our human ingenuity was by design from our original Creator. 

Another clear benefit would be an interconnectedness between crew members and teammates. There would be an ever-stronger bond of connection between one another. These hybrid humans would be able to live much longer lives and sustain friendships and relationships. General contact with others is way more in-depth than any current human can do with our relatively short lifespan than hybrid humans.

Not to mention the possibility for learning.

The opportunities of learning are by far the most important and vital to hybrid humans. They will, after all, be the only ones who have each other’s back out there in galaxies far apart from our own Earth’s local galaxy (The Milky Way). So it’s possible hybrid-human could also colonize “space stations/ports” that would also double as a very influential cultural community full of experiences and bonds that are very much like our own here on Earth.

Truth be told, the possibilities would genuinely (and I mean genuinely) be endless.

What I’m alluding to, ultimately, is the possibility of allowing (at some arbitrary level) the opportunity for these new hybrid humans to have some autonomy over their lives. To be able to have some creative freedom and carve out a path, and culture, of their own that is separate from any government or business entity from Earth.

Unfortunately, even I know that’s wishful thinking. Because the truth is, the way, the government views such a scenario is starkly different. They view it as controlling these hypothetical hybrid humans so that they don’t eventually revolt and try to overthrow Earth.

Regardless, I would love to see the kinds of accomplishments they could achieve. In truth, humans have continually evolved. But it was always at a “natural” rate. 

What we’re faced with now is an accelerated rate of human evolution. There’s nothing wrong with that. What’s objectively bad, however, is to assume we can “naturally” evolve in completely different environments that are unlike our own Earth.

Of course, I know that these hybrid humans would naturally create their own bodies of government very similar to our own. They would also need to develop essential services for their communities, whether planet-based, moon-based, or spaceship-based. Either way, they would also have time to learn to adapt to the unknown realities of our galaxy, neighboring galaxies, and possibly, even our entire universe eventually.

Pulling the scope of introspection back, think about this truth for a moment. How evil would we be to send natural human beings to Mars as they are now in their current state of being? Knowing that the gravity of Mars is lower than Earth’s gravitational force on our bodies? That would be excruciating since, over time, those humans sent to Mars would have early-onset arthritis. Possibly even a slow and painful death. Our human bodies are only meant for Earth’s environment, not for exploring the universe out there.

That’s not very humane now, is it?

You see, life is full of conundrums. But, if you sit down and ponder on such thoughts every once in a while, you might find some conundrums are pointless. 

You might find that some of these conundrums are merely our own fears of our complex future.

And let’s be honest here, we must send human life forms, in whatever form possible, outside of Earth’s reach. Because having our hard-earned and sometimes dramatic history result in nothing more than a pile of dust in millions of years from now; is quite depressing to think about.

Suppose we can create an all-in-one cure for multiple diseases and develop processes and supply runs to get these out to the hybrid human colonies. That’s an exciting thought to ponder upon.

Suppose we can develop unique creations and art. In that case, we should definitely be able to send our human intelligence further beyond our own reach. Yes, humans are flawed. Yes, we have our differences, but truth be told, would you want to see all of our hard work of existing succumb to the inevitable? To become nothingness like everything else that has likely happened in our universe? No, we’re smarter than that. We can make ideas appear out of seemingly nothing. We can create life seemingly out of nothing. And we can surely help sustain life out of seemingly nothing.

We as a species must not give up hope for our future success, albeit the fact that it would be from a hybrid humankind race. Though our descendants may very well be different from our own, we may very well be able to save our intelligence in the universe. With that, of course, comes all of the human drama and conflicts as well. But still, we cannot forsake the entirety of humankind – as we were created from God to be extraordinarily aware and intelligent of our surroundings. 

We may very well delay our extinction a moment longer than the universe may have initially anticipated.

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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