What is an Artist?

I want to wish anyone who celebrates Thanksgiving a merry one! Alright, with that said, let’s discuss today’s topic:

What is an artist?

An artist is someone unrestrained by society’s standards and expectations. 

They are unafraid to try new styles, and they are bold in their desire to add new perspectives to their creations. Unwavering in their convictions, yet fluid like water. 

Artists are the rare exception to the equilibrium of life. They are both steadfast in their viewpoints and still manage to be creative and open to new concepts without truly changing their own character or personality. 

But, unfortunately, the artist sometimes has the misconceived image of a person who is “wishy-washy” or “flaky” in their ideology.

But the truth is, what makes an artist an artist.

Artists are both Ying and Yang, right and wrong, good and evil. 

At the heart of their being and purpose, an artist is the very essence of life itself. They embody all of the exciting and intricate realities of our existence. 

Steadfast in making sure that other fellow human beings see the many important messages of life. The artist is tasked with making sure that we, as the general public, might not overlook the true beauty of life due to our hectic schedules. 

Outstanding artists remind us who we are and what we should be striving for in terms of actual substantial worth in life.

Likely one of the saddest realities for artists is that they are mocked for their profession. They are seen as “leeches” on society, not really “contributing” to the monetary segment of society’s daily demands.

But, like everything in life and in existence, people’s diversity is what makes us realize all of the aspects of life we would otherwise be naive or ignorant to. 

This is where the importance of artists comes in. They can draw, paint, and create incredible and awe-inspiring pieces that get the general public talking, discussing, and acknowledging all sorts of different topics of interest. 

Whether it be about the world’s natural beauty, or lack thereof – or any other topic you can think of imaginable, you now have a clearer understanding of an artist.

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste


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