Accepting the World Around You

As intense (or lack of intensity) as our emotions can get on this particular topic, I realized I wanted to address this serious issue today. Every single day, there are a variety of issues we deal with in the world. But one problem that we continue to push to the side, for obvious reasons, is how far removed we all are from the world. I mean the real world.

Many times, people want to just ignore the millions of issues that exist, and I agree to some extent. But, unfortunately, some issues really can’t be fixed in the world, no matter how hard you try. 

Some unfortunate evils in this world cannot simply disappear because ruthless, uncaring, and cold individuals run the physical world. That’s the nature of business, after all. 

Unfortunately, business is what runs this world. We all know that this is obviously by design by the ruling class. Of course though, many people even see the world without business as one that’s even nastier than the reality we face today. Without business, we “likely” revert back to our natural human base of existence. But is that such a bad thing to happen? We may find out in this post-2020 world.

Many adults and have grown up realize how fruitless it can all seem in the grand scheme of life. But the truth is, we need to start caring more, and we need to start getting more involved and invested in trying our best to make even the slightest change in the world. Even if it’s changing one person’s life, that would be good enough.

This is the issue we’re all dealing with right now in today’s world. No one cares. I mean, absolutely no one.

We can only turn to our family and our closest (and I mean closest) friends who have our backs. Otherwise, if you really think about it, we can’t trust anyone. So is this just another sad reality of life…? Perhaps it is.

But if we don’t at least try and strive to be the better man or woman, we begin to fall into a routine in life. Get up, go to work; ignore the vast majority of the people we see out in the world. We mind our own business for the sake of hopefully keeping our work lives intact. 

I get it though, I really do. I used to work traditional jobs. But now, I work a variety of contract and freelance work related to Copywriter and eCommerce jobs. I’m doing this while finishing the last twelve months of my university journey to get my BA in Business and Marketing. 

But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten how the working world operates. It’s a cold and calculating world, with the mantra of: “If you don’t want to work for $10 an hour, someone else will.”

I know that there is no arguing or asking questions in the workplace unless you absolutely need to. However, I understand that many people suffer silently at their jobs to just get by. After all, nobody will look after you besides your parents, and even then, that could very well not be the case.

I suppose what I’m getting at is, even though this is a heavy topic, and even though I understand how useless it can all seemI just want you to know that I’m here to talk with.

As small or insignificant as my offer may sound, I’ll always be here to talk with. If you need a person just to listen to you, share your day, or even about something that happened to you today (or any day), then I’ll be here to listen to you. 

I enjoy just letting people speak their minds and receive some relief from letting it all out. You can go under “Contact” on my website and send me a message. I’ve already made some good friends on here. Hopefully, I can get to know some more people who have interesting pasts. After all, we have a story to share, and we all have a history to admit to…

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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