Where You Can Find Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms. But, ultimately, when you really think about it, there are many different kinds of inspiration. There are the sad kinds of inspirations, there are the happy kinds that make you smile to yourself, and then there are the kinds that really just make you ponder about life in general. Undoubtedly so, it’s almost contagious, infections to the very soul.

In a way, if you permit yourself to open up to the world, even if it’s dangerous and risky to do such a thing, you learn more about yourself and more about the environment around you.

Traveling helps, too. But unfortunately, traveling cost a lot of money. Also, you must ensure you have the proper vaccinations required from airline providers.

Not everyone (myself included) can afford to travel to “exotic” locations. I put “exotic” in quotations because such places are not exotic to the local humans and inhabitants living there. We have just sensationalized and capitalized on different parts of the world. Yet even still, there are numerous ways for you to find inspiration.

Take, for example, a silent moment to yourself. 

Such moments like these can help you further expand on imagination to seize moments of otherwise escapable memories. These are the times when you can use your mind to advantage over anyone who gets the luxury of traveling and garnering inspiration from their travels. 

Undoubtedly, some of the best places are not even found here in this world, but in other worlds, other places.

But if you don’t write fiction (or if you do and it takes place here on Earth), you can still use this method of gaining inspiration. Our minds are impressive structures, undoubtedly remembering even the smallest of details or creating new information altogether. The brain is the single most fantastic source of understanding and comprehending life and the many different complexities of our existence.

Essentially, countless new ideas come to us, even when we’re not consciously thinking about writing. Inspiration is not only found around us but, more so, within us. We must not underestimate our capabilities to find inspiration of hope, sorrow, and miracles within our minds. 

As we observe the world, and thus, observe our place within it, we begin to better understand the very concept of life. We also start to understand the concepts that may have once eluded us when we thought we were “naïve” or “unaware” of the world around us.

For the truth of the matter is much more different. If you allow yourself to have an open mind, anything’s possible. The only thing required on your part is to be determined and persistent enough to pursue what you desire. 

Make it happen, and the world will open up to you…

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

One thought on “Where You Can Find Inspiration

  1. “The only thing required on your part is to be determined and persistent enough to pursue what you desire.” Kinda the polar opposite of what Buddha recommended. Oh, what a strange topsy-turvy world we live in. 😆

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