Living for the Present

Hello everyone, it’s Leon R.M. Auguste here with another post. I hope you’re having a good day so far, and if not, I can only hope the best for you.

Today’s post will be a bit more personal.

Today marks the very beginning of my final journey in life.

I want to share with all of you what I’ve been working on. I want to share what I’ve spent the last 14 years of my life working on. It’ll be a long road, I know it will, but in the end, no matter what happens, I know that I’ve tried my best with what little I have.

I turned 28 this year, but I feel my age no longer matters to me these last couple of years. Everything in life is an experience, and I’ve come to really enjoy the newfound freedoms that can come with being an older adult. 

I never liked coddling or sugar-coating life events to people, especially people who are already adults themselves.

Anyways, throughout these last couple of years, I’ve experienced so much. I’ve met some incredible people. Moreover, I’ve gained tremendous insight from countless people. In many ways, I learned I will never honestly know anything in this life. Just when we believe we understand the world, it has a funny way of tipping over and flipping itself on its head.

I’m sure if you’re reading this now, you understand just what I mean.

Life is a ride. It’s crazy, turbulent, and wild at times. 

But that’s what makes life interesting. Our lives were never meant to be “perfect.” It was intended to take unexpected turns and twists. To be experienced in a sometimes chaotic nature and grow and evolve as a naturally faulty society in the world we live in. So take hold of your life at this moment, and you won’t be disappointed. 

This is probably the best advice I’ve ever received. You can’t wait for events or things to just happen to you. You have to actively work at what you want out of the whole experience. 

That’s the age-old question people have been asking themselves since the very beginning of time: what is the meaning of life? Well, everything I just stated above could be one form of a never-ending answer.

In that same way, life is also not meant to be taken seriously. The better sense of humor you have, the higher chance you’ll have at enjoying the experiences you go through, all without losing your mind (entirely). 

Life is about making sure you make memories in the short free time we may have in our daily lives.

No matter what you tell yourself, every once in a while, remind yourself that you must forgive all that has happened in your life. You must go forward with a genuine sense of curiosity and an adventurous spirit that is unwavering and unyielding to anything in this entire world. You are unique. You are human.

I want to end my first entry by using the following quote: 

“You will never win if you never begin.” – Helen Rowland.

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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