Philosophical Journey (Part 8)

Hi everyone, it’s me, Leon R.M. Auguste, coming to you with another post!

What matters is you and me. 

This thought came to my mind as I spent time with my family during Christmas this year.

All of us can change our lives if we can keep connected and be more “real” about ourselves. I’m disappointed at how fake this world can be at times, even though I understand why this is so.

Either way, when I was younger, I always wondered why people needed to compensate their lives with “things/stuff.” However, as I’ve grown up, I’ve come to realize that even I do this to some degree. It’s hard-wired in human beings (living in modern society) to compensate with “things” to reflect the amount of “money” or “wealth” somebody has achieved or accrued.

Even though I ultimately understand why each of us does what we need to do in our individual lives, it’s gravely disheartening. I suppose I’ve accepted that life isn’t all peaches and roses. However, it’s almost like we’re all running away from the reality of our lives and thinking we’ll magically fill the void of emptiness or ineptitude we feel inside.

What makes it even more concerning is that people are willingly blinded to accepting the change our world needs. If we just begin to work together in even the most minor ways, we could have the hard-earned future our children, and we, deserve.

I’ve always thought about how strange and outlandish the world has been. Even since the dawn of civilization, the one constant factor in society has been¬†control. We has control is also who has power. Power is gained through influence, currency, or perceived birthright. It’s all tied neatly together in a convenient manner.

The few at the top who benefit from such a hierarchy do everything in their inherited, or hard-earned, right to ensure that the system continues unabated for the most part.

This uncomfortable thought made me understand that this is the current “normal” life we all live in. But, unfortunately, due to this “normalcy” we have in society, most humans have become miserable. In fact, I believe the truly happy people in the world are not those who have money, not those who have power – but those who choose to walk away from society to many degrees.

Of course, It’s never been “normal” because “normal” is whatever is socially accepted during different periods in history. But one of the most fundamental aspects of humans is that we can be compassionate. We are born with this trait in us.

And I have concluded that even the wealthiest 1% of the world are not naturally evil. The 1% of the world has just given up on trying to change the world. Because let’s face it, humans cannot be controlled; we are all independent beings with our own free will and thoughts.

So the conundrums of life often times get the better of us.

But I look at life this way: I believe it’s better to try your best to understand other people’s differences. I also think making an adventure out of your own life in some way is key to true inner happiness. This is easier said than done if you’re surrounded by nothing but negativity (or if you’re negative yourself). However, the

Anyways, I’m going to end this post now. It’s time I continue doing my homework and studying! Thank you for reading today’s post, and I hope you all have a wonderful New Years’ Eve tomorrow!

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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