Have Politics Ever Been Useful to the People? (A Thought Piece)

Hey everyone, it’s Leon R.M. Auguste coming to you today with another post! I’ll be dissecting the crucial topic of politics and the pros and cons of their existence. 

It’s a pretty big issue in today’s society. There are countless heated debates in America over “Republicans vs. Democrats,” the passage of a new health-reform bill, or even just the differences between different groups of people. 

But the actual political arena rest with the people, not the politicians alone.

It’s pretty obvious after you’ve lived long enough that you eventually begin to see right through the veneer of lies and deception that these politicians constantly spoon-feed us. 

You must remember that some of the world’s problems today are caused by our collective compliance with what’s going on today. 

Sometimes (frequently), you will face people who think that they’re higher (or better) than the rest of humanity (inflated ego). This is what we call the inferiority complex. You see, life is full of crap. It just depends on what society and we see as the truth. 

But the truth is that people can be pretty foolish in their design. 

They can feel confident when everything’s stacked against them in life; they can feel superior when they’ve always had it easy in life. But in the end, none of it actually matters. 

What matters is how you react to your situation; because, let’s face it, nobody else really has your back. You’re the only one responsible for your life and the lives of the people you love. 

So how does this all tie in with today’s topic of discussion?

Sometimes, you don’t realize that those in positions of power are merely human beings like you and me. 

They have lives and people they love that they have to worry about and look after. Their main concern isn’t us.

Let that sink in.

In some way, you’ve always known that this was the truth. Throughout the world’s history, this has always been the truth. The job of politics is to ensure that their country or nation survives. This means helping government thrive. 

On the other hand, businesses are more important in modern times since businesses are the main driving force of our economy in the contemporary world. After all, make the global economy grow; and that’s what they support. But, unfortunately, people are at the very bottom of their “To-Do-List.” 

Remember this: the only people who have ever helped you in your life were most likely those who were in your immediate social circle (parents, friends, siblings, your city’s local homeless shelter, volunteers in your community, etc.). 

The truth of the matter is, nobody is helping us in politics. Nobody in politics, or in life in general, is championing you to “make it” in life. Nobody is rooting for you (besides mothers and fathers. Parents are the only reason why society has held up, to be honest). Instead, it’s all about being the best at what we do, about meeting expectations that are unrealistic for many of us. It’s a game that none of us can win because only a select few get to the top.

With that stated, we can make things better by leveraging our attitudes in how we see society and using the public rights we have as citizens. To protest is one of the oldest forms, in America, of speaking up against those in positions of power which may abuse their power without regulation or regard for other human life.

So what’s the solution? Well, that’s the age-old question many humans have asked to achieve some form of utopia in their home, community, or country. But, unfortunately, there are plenty of things facing us in the daily activities that stop us from pursuing these goals, money being one of the chief problems of the world’s state of being today. 

But at the end of the day, we’re all humans with problems. What you may think is proper or correct ends up being false and harmful behind the veneer of entitlement of the wealthy and those in positions of power. 

Always remember to take the high road when you feel yourself falling deeper into life’s many complicated quarrels and issues. After all, we are all just human beings trying to make it through this experience we call life. So take a deep breath, smile, and tell people you are doing just fine. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself losing control of your life.


Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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