Underneath the Moonlit Sky (Poem)

Underneath the magical facade of night’s moonlit sky is the sound of a whisper.

Far past the bend…

Past the ocean’s unfamiliar waft…

And past the tops of the rigid range…

Lies a long-forgotten woman.

A woman of hard-earned freedom.

She stands amidst a lonely and slumbering land. Her center stage is that of a moonlit world.

As beautiful as it may appear at first glance, her existence is as equally frigid as the harsh reality of the world.

Her thoughts swirl unheard.

She yearns for a life worth living.

She chants of a dream long-held within her soul.

Yet even as the calling of night proceeds onward, she is unchanged in her own personal desires.

But amidst all the grandeur and excitement, she is full of life’s promise.

She understands everything in her own natural life yet understands absolutely nothing about the societal world where she finds herself stuck.

She understands she will forever be alone, though she has her people – her kind.

She understands nobody will ever love her as much as her parents.

And ultimately, she understands this tragic tale will repeat for the next woman who stands underneath the moonlit sky…

4 thoughts on “Underneath the Moonlit Sky (Poem)

    1. Hi Ms. Broadway, I am happy to hear you enjoyed this week’s piece. When I have time throughout my workday, I find it exciting to break up my schedule to do some writing here and there. This piece was inspired by one of my conversations with my neighbors in my townhome development.


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