My Copywriting Journey: From Rags to Riches…to WHAT!?

Hi everyone, it’s Leon R.M. Auguste here with another post. For today, I wanted to go ahead and talk about my copywriting journey. 

From providing copywriting services for freight and logistics companies to working for an online dental training school and a fully remote SaaS marketing company, it’s been a crazy ride! But, most importantly, I figured this might help anyone trying to figure out how they should best approach copywriting if they’re new to the industry.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane first to see how I even got to where I’m at today…

The Very Shaky Beginning…

I initially got my first “official” writing job as a content writer during the last week of May 2021 (last year). I won’t say what company it’s for, but it definitely served me well for the first seven months I worked on that contract. 

In the beginning, the work was difficult for me since it was heavy in technical jargon. As the months ebbed on, though, I found my groove.

Also, to the editors’ credit at that time, they were fantastic. The company’s editorial team was once precise on what changes needed to be made and timely in getting back to me. 

It was in early December of 2021; however, I would soon discover a huge problem. 

The editors were plagued with a really horrible new supervisor. So, unfortunately, the editors have become extraordinarily vague on what needs to be updated. 

Due to this trickle-down effect, what used to take me a day or two to complete recently took me up to a week – all for a measly $35 package content deal for the client. That’s been the biggest waste of time I’ve ever spent writing content and not getting paid for it within the usual 2-3 day turnaround time.

Rewinding Time for a 2nd Job?

Back-peddling now in time as I pivot to the second job I received, I realize how fortunate enough I was to have at least something that paid me (even if a bit of money).

I received an offer to be a Copywriter for a digital marketing agency. The offer came during the last week of August of 2021, in which I agreed to sign my first 1-year Copywriter contract. 

Now, returning to the current day, with this 1-year Copywriter contract, I primarily write for many freight and logistic companies. Even now, I enjoy researching and learning more about the freight and logistics industry and how much mayhem it’s in. In addition, it’s teaching me how inefficient our chain supply systems are in the world (not just the U.S.).

2022 and Beyond!

Now, as 2022 has arrived, it took me about 3 weeks to really settle into my groove again. I’ve taken on more work from other contracts and freelance work in separate industries. I work for at least 5 different companies, all in various industries. 

In fact, by March of this year (if everything goes smoothly…which I’m not holding my breath!), I should easily make about $3,500 (minimum) a month. The highest I can realistically make won’t be until summer. At that point, I can potentially see upwards of $5,000 a month.

I’m looking forward to seeing how much growth I can hopefully achieve in the coming months. I’m a bit nervous. Still, I feel more ready than I’ve ever felt before! It’s been crazy long hours of work and school – but I know once I’m done with school, I can focus on what really matters – my passions!

Unexpected Sidenote!

Not to forget, I’ve been doing all of this while in my last year of university. I’ll be obtaining my B.A. in Business Administration and Marketing in Spring 2023!

Alongside my work, it certainly should be chaotic. However, luckily for me, I also have gotten ahead each semester since I started my junior year of university in the summer of 2021. I’ve done this by reading through the required material at least 1 month in advance, making school a lot more bearable.


As I wrap this blog, I want to thank those who continue to (hopefully) read these posts! Admittedly, I’m writing because I love to do so. I look at my blog/website as an emotional outlet. 

But still, it’s certainly nice to know that some people are taking the time to read through what I have to share with my various writings!

Until next time ~

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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