Personal Update on Life

Hi everyone, it’s me, Leon R.M. Auguste, coming to you with an update!

Even as I upload one post every week on my blog/website, I’m really starting to get into the swing of balancing my work life and school life.

Primarily, I’m focusing more on work but have finally been able to juggle school as well.

I think the reason it’s been somewhat more challenging for me this semester is due to everything going on in the outside world. Even though it may seem like a world away, the continuing tensions between different countries continue to fester with each passing day.

Perhaps it’s a political theater with clear solutions in sight. Maybe it’s a lot more severe than anyone wants to admit. But the truth of the matter is that we’re living through these very turbulent and uncertain periods of history.

Some believe this is all manufactured drama. There are even people that say that both sides benefit in unspoken ways from this needless dispute. Others have pointed out on social media that Russia and Ukraine have always been stuck in a stalemate of discourse since the inception of Ukraine after the split of Russian territories post-USSR.

This semester, however, is also more challenging in a good way.

It’s forcing me to really think outside of the box. All of this is in terms of B2B clientele, being in a fully remote environment, and helping to catapult me forward with connecting with different people online.

Most importantly, the creativity that comes with being a copywriter is really what makes me love what I do. Even though there is no need to “reinvent the wheel” (so to speak), it’s still a fun endeavor to undertake since it requires profound creativity in a business capacity.

It’s pretty daunting to learn everything there is to know about what makes a product (or service) successful in the FinTech and SaaS space.

Thus, even as I study the midnight oil away, life for me is still as arduous, even before all of the Ukraine-Russia issues.

In fact, I’d say post-2020 is when life for me turned up a notch in terms of difficulty in coping with the newfound reality we all found ourselves in. For me, it hurt me both health-wise and economically speaking.

But now, I’m healthier than ever, and I’ve managed to bounce back economically to make roughly $4.2K each month. My aim is to continue doing what I love to do best: enjoying being a Copywriter and Product Marketing Associate. This is all while finishing up my last semester of being a junior in university.

Turning to school now – admittedly, this semester feels very logical and decisive.

I’ve become more “robotic” in my thinking and perhaps in my actions as well. But in truth, whenever I catch a glimpse of the setting sun in the distance, or whenever I find time to reflect on life, I remember what life has, and always will be, about. In these small moments, I firmly grasp the true purpose of why I’m even doing any of this work.

I remember how beautiful and cruel life can be. The experience of life is so finite. Even in the blink of an eye, you’re left wondering: Where did all the time go?

Even though I’m just halfway into the fifth week of the Spring 2022 Semester, I’ve begun to learn more and more information that will help me in the business world.

I’ve learned so much about the actual business environment, whether it be accounting, marketing, the stock market, or just the “real in and out’s” of business. As a result, I’ve learned it’s more important to network and connect with other firms.

The business environment both nationally and globally has never been about “what you know,” but rather “who you know.” I remember hearing that phrase in high school and scoffing at the idea of it. But now that I’m well into my late twenties, I’ve come to realize that there is simply no greater truth than that.

But for some reason, I feel like I’m using more of my brain’s “right side.” I’ve always been a “left side” brain kind of guy. Still, recently, I found myself being more efficient, more calculating, and even more “cold” in my actions. It’s as though both my “right” and “left” brains are connecting more tightly together. As a result, I’ve begun to see the connections between certain historical events or the links in certain life events that I have never seen before.

It’s strange thinking of everything I’ve yet to do, yet I know I’ll accomplish many things. I’ll make many moves in life, many sacrifices, countless hours of hard work, just so I can see a better world where everyone has a chance to get a “piece of the pie,” so to speak.

To be honest with my opinion of university – I don’t believe it will be a viable option in the future. The reason being? As long as the ordinary everyday citizen has access to the Internet of Things (IoT), we can access and harness information from online databases.

We no longer live in a world full of esoteric truths or deceptive lies. No, we live in a modernized world where people begin to see and wake up to the lie that “we can make it on our own.”

That just isn’t true. Life is meant to be lived with other human beings around us. Human beings are social creatures by nature. Instead, we’ve created a damaged society of lost souls wandering around aimlessly without any true purpose in life by lying to our young and most vulnerable.

Working for a company, or running our own business, should not be the “end-all-be-all” of life. No, it should be about building up families, creating lasting memories, and ultimately, securing a future with our loved ones.

For the last two and a half years, I’ve become aware of the true depths of negativity in school and life. But ultimately, I’m incredibly grateful that I can work entirely remotely and reap the benefits of creating stronger bonds with my managers and co-workers.

The journey in university also hasn’t been easy. At times, I’ve wanted to give up entirely. And to be even franker with you, I probably wouldn’t even attempt to finish school. If I hadn’t already received my Associate of Science in Accounting degree, I’d likely just continue working remotely without a care in the world.

But since I’m at the tail-end of my junior year and enjoying private university more than public – I feel I’ll finally be able to close this chapter of my life and continue onwards to

As for my ultimate goal?

Well…that’s a secret best left unheard for now.

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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