Life Update: Growing Pains and Deeper Reflections

Hi everyone, it’s been a long time since my last post upload. So far, life has been very crazy and chaotic (both good and bad). Then again, who hasn’t had a difficult time recently with handling life?

With that said, today’s post will touch on a bit of everything. So to help keep it all in check, here’s a general guide on what I’ll be discussing in today’s post:

  1. Life, School, and Work
  2. Coping with a New Reality
  3. Where I’m Headed in Life
  4. Conclusion: Facing Reality

Without further delay, let’s jump into today’s post!

Life, School, and Work

As time continues to pass on, I’m discovering the importance of being flexible and mentally prepared for predictable changes in life. 

With that said, below are the real-life situations taking up my time:

  • I’m wrapping up my Spring 2022 semester with 3 classes.
  • I’m working fully remote as a Copywriter, primarily for 2-3 companies.
  • I also have a remote part-time-to-full-time paid internship that started yesterday, April 11, 2022. This internship will be going full-time between May 9th and July 29th (with the possibility of extending for a year afterward).

I have so many goals and tasks backed up since I’m wrapping up my junior year of university. Being that life for me right now comprises only school and work, I am looking forward to the day I can then focus on work and my own life to get things in motion and start focusing on how I want to achieve.

On that note, I think it’s important to make the clear distinction that I’m not career-oriented in the traditional sense. In fact, I believe many working professionals now feel this sentiment has become even more accurate as the pandemic and shutdown have taken a more permanent effect on our collective psyche for anything we see as inefficient or nonsensical.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though, as I believe balance will find its center again after this long period of difficulty and unnecessary obstacles. Even still, I think that we’ll all find common ground in our shared world as we as a society will move onto the next phase of reality.

What is that next phase of reality for society, though? I believe that is the question some people are asking themselves even today as we all traverse this extraordinary and inconsistent period in modern history.

Coping with a New Reality

So what is our new shared reality? I believe it will be too complicated for many people to understand or comprehend. But I have come to accept the life changes coming for all of us.

Here is a bit of what our new reality will be comprised of (for better or for worse, but it will exist):

  1. We’ll all live in a truly globalized society with a more centralized government with more wide-reaching access to the private sector.
  2. More secure and premium access to everyday uses such as going to the airport, bus stop, subway station, or train station.
  3. We’ll have a free-flowing education curriculum in our public and private schools. Emphasis will still be on mainstream and government messaging rather than actual education.

Even with all of these incredible obstacles we must all face in our collective lives; I’m coping with life as it comes to me. I take one hour every day at a time and handle each life situation in a manageable way that doesn’t overwhelm or discourage me. 

It’s been challenging to say the least. Handling each day can sometimes amount to me not doing anything productive as I begin to think of how overwhelming life has become for me. But I refocus my mind and remember that everything I’m doing now will help me transform into the man I need to evolve into to survive in this new world.

I’ve long since moved past caring about other people since I used to be a very caring and concerned person for other people’s wellbeing. 

But in this new world, I’ve impressed myself with how much I can focus on whatever task is ahead of me. I know that many people are struggling both internally and financially. It makes me ponder how fortunate I am to be flexible with my situations. But, then again, the times we live in are becoming increasingly difficult to maneuver for all of us, I included. It’s becoming a place where we are all transforming into less human and more robotic people.

It leaves me pondering too, where am I headed in life?

Where I’m Headed in Life

As we approach May 2022, I now understand where I’m headed.

Before I share, I want to also bring to light the “new” society we all now undeniably live in.

It’s becoming ever so clear to me that the days of “middle class” societies are the way of the dinosaurs. The fact of the matter is that there are only two classes in society: the “ruling” class and the “servant” class.

Below is my take on these two classes in society:

  • The Ruling Class: comprises official government types, big business tycoons, and established industries that are also keeping pace with all of the technological changes going on right now.
  • The Servant Class: comprises the vast majority of people living in society. 

The world is more hostile, less forgiving, and less understanding than what we lived through pre-2020. With governments failing the general public (predictably so) and employers still operating in archaic and draconian ways – this new world will only allow the aptest players of “the game” to survive. Unfortunately, thriving in a post-2020 world is now out of the question (for most Americans and people).

I now have come to terms with so many truths in life and the world. As a result, I’m focusing on more pressing things in life, such as paying off credit card debt or even the government-backed student loan debt I’ve accrued. 

Since I’m wrapping up my junior year, I’ll only have three more semesters left. After this, I’ll never have to worry about school again. With one more year to go, I have so many goals that I’ll be able to accomplish even as I finish up my last year of university. The best part is that my remaining classes are fully remote!

Conclusion: Facing Reality

In times of difficulty, we must all face reality. As a people, each individual must decide if they are willing to make necessary personal sacrifices or to allow life to take the reigns of their existence. What does this mean? It simply means that each person will have to decide to shine brilliantly through the hardships or crash and burn in a resilient self-appointed disappointment and frustration.

I know for myself that I am incredibly closed off to the real world now and only talk with my older brother and will visit my parents and dog. I’ve effectively cut off all ties with the outside world as much as it is humanely possible to do. I’m noticing that society is increasingly becoming hostile and unlivable for humans. As strange as that is to type out on my keyboard, it’s incredibly accurate for most people in the world, whether they want to admit it or not.

The unfortunate part? I still crave human connection. So each conversation I have with a classmate or professor, or even when I get the occasional unwhich from JJ’s Sandwiches, I am left feeling a desire to connect with people. But even I know that it’s unrealistic to selfishly expect that same camaraderie from others since I can relate to the notion of closing oneself off from the real world during a time of incredibly societal transformation and changes.

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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