Man on the Street Project: The Passion and The Cross

Hi Media 204 class,

Elyssa and I went to The Passion and The Cross play at the Orpheum Theater in Downtown Sioux Falls. Elyssa took footage of various parts of the theater while I interviewed the cast members with questions written by Elyssa.

It was a very meaningful (and important) production, as told to us by Brent Grosvenor (Director and Playwright).

During our time filming – we meet with many of the actors and actresses in the play itself. They were incredibly kind and full of energy, and had a lot of experience and insight to share with us.

Rebecca Fritz, one such actress in the play, shared great insight into what the process was like during the rehearsals and preparations leading up to the final night of the play itself.

If you wish to view our video, you may do so here.



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