Life in the Philippines

Recently, while I was in my Economics 102 class, my professor discussed her time in the Philippines. She spent 2 months with her family before she transitioned to her junior year of college during the summer of her Sophomore year. This was a part of our lesson on differing “economic growths” amongst countries. She told… Continue reading Life in the Philippines

A Truth Unspoken

Good day everyone, it’s Leon R.M. Auguste again. I wanted to share this post uploaded a while back. I decided to repost it because I felt like it was relevant to the times we live in. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! *** I feel myself steadily slipping into… Continue reading A Truth Unspoken

An Open Letter to the Universe

Hello world, it’s Leon R.M. Auguste just checking in to see how things are going in the world currently. I wonder…why are there so many possibilities? Why is there ab endless array of choices to choose from? There’s a bottomless list of items, destinations, and places I’ve yet to venture. Because I’ve been so enraptured… Continue reading An Open Letter to the Universe

Gaining New Perspectives in Life

When you write, there are many different angles to look at any given situation you’re focused on a lot of the time. So whether you’re writing a non-fiction or fiction book, you’ll usually find yourself wondering which way is the best manner in which to start or view your topic of choice. Although it’s always… Continue reading Gaining New Perspectives in Life

In Times of Darkness

Some days are more complicated than others. But I’ve recently discovered that no matter where you are in your life, you can always make the best of any situation, no matter the adversity. After all, there’s no true end-goal in our lives; there are only opportunities to experience life or to let it pass by… Continue reading In Times of Darkness

Probability and Potential of the Future

I feel as though this year will be one of the last years, for a while at least, where things in the world (globally speaking) will have any semblance of normality or balance. Call it a gut instinct, or even based off of the different patterns of reality being shared the world over, but it… Continue reading Probability and Potential of the Future

During Times of Darkness

When it comes to the reality of our existence, many of us face the demented reality of our demons. Not literal demons, but the parts of our lives we would rather not discuss openly with any other person. Not even our closest confidant. The environment of secrets and deceptions we’ve all been growing up in… Continue reading During Times of Darkness

Truth of Our Lives

Black and white, right and wrong, life and death – life is full of duality. It isn’t like the whisperings of secret societies or deadbeat governments. Duality is the ultimate truth. It holds no illusions, no contempt, or any other form of disdain. It simply exists. At its most basic form, duality is the reality… Continue reading Truth of Our Lives