End of the Year 2022 – Arcanim: Of Foretold Fates and Chosen Harbingers

It brings me so much excitement that I can share on this platform the additional work I’ve put my time, effort, and dedication into over the last two decades of my life.

Forever Rose on Wattpad Feature + October ’22 Update!

Before I delve into the thick of today’s post, I thought I’d also announce a fun WIP I’ve been working on called Forever Rose, which can be read for free on Wattpad.

Update on this Website

Hi all, it’s Leon R.M. Auguste! For the time being, I’ll be pausing any further blog activity on this website as my schedule has inflated with an incredible amount of responsibility outside of my own passion projects and private hobbies. Know that I may resume this in the future – but that there is also… Continue reading Update on this Website