Philosophical Journey (Part 5)

Hello everyone – I first want to thank all of my returning and new readers! I’ve been reading many of your own blog posts over the past few days, and it’s inspired me to let go of some of the slight biting fear still lingering inside of me. Undoubtedly, over the following years, I feel… Continue reading Philosophical Journey (Part 5)

A New Writer (A Long-Form Poem)

To be a new writer is to be born into this world for the first time ever. It is to experience the wonders of such light and dark places. It is a thrill, a wave of feelings and emotions which drown you until you are reborn again, over and over. The process never changes, and… Continue reading A New Writer (A Long-Form Poem)

An Ode to Her Soul (A Long-Form Poem)

The soul of her existence inspired life in me. The energy of her presence reminded me of the true meaning of life’s quarrels. Her unique aura reminded me of a time when chaos and harmony clashed together to create beautiful and wicked life as it once was before. Her doubts and insecurities reminded me that… Continue reading An Ode to Her Soul (A Long-Form Poem)