Philosophical Journey (Part 5)

Hello everyone – I first want to thank all of my returning and new readers! I’ve been reading many of your own blog posts over the past few days, and it’s inspired me to let go of some of the slight biting fear still lingering inside of me. Undoubtedly, over the following years, I feel… Continue reading Philosophical Journey (Part 5)

In Times of Love and Hate

There are days in which I find myself greatly in-tuned with everything and everyone around me. These moments only happen when I’m surrounded by only a few random people. Be it coworkers, my older brother, or even my best buddy from high school. In truth, I’m shocked my friend, and I still hang out and… Continue reading In Times of Love and Hate

Music Monday! – As I Write

Welcome to my new series Music Monday!  This series will be the very harbinger of what I listen to whenever I write stories of fiction. The series will delve into the music that has helped shaped my writing from the emotions pulled deep from the recesses of my thoughts and mind. A series of recordings of… Continue reading Music Monday! – As I Write