Philosophical Journey (Part 4)

Hello everyone, today I’ll be talking about the true meaning of life. It’s a complex answer, but one that we should all ponder upon from time to time. All of our lives, in some way or another, are interlaced into each other’s existence.  Think about this for a moment: Have you ever wondered why you… Continue reading Philosophical Journey (Part 4)

Distant Intimacy (A Short-Form Poem)

Our eternal bond crosses over from this reality into the realm of endless possibilities. Songs of purity ring out faintly through the dark abyss of forgotten and meaningless time. In your smile, I see life. In your eyes, I see change. In the way life’s colorful winds enrapture us into a whirlwind of hope and… Continue reading Distant Intimacy (A Short-Form Poem)

An Ode to Her Soul (A Long-Form Poem)

The soul of her existence inspired life in me. The energy of her presence reminded me of the true meaning of life’s quarrels. Her unique aura reminded me of a time when chaos and harmony clashed together to create beautiful and wicked life as it once was before. Her doubts and insecurities reminded me that… Continue reading An Ode to Her Soul (A Long-Form Poem)

In Times of Love and Hate

There are days in which I find myself greatly in-tuned with everything and everyone around me. These moments only happen when I’m surrounded by only a few random people. Be it coworkers, my older brother, or even my best buddy from high school. In truth, I’m shocked my friend, and I still hang out and… Continue reading In Times of Love and Hate

Irony of Spirituality and Love

Today was like any other day. I woke up, readied myself, and drove off to school. I took notes in my statistics and accounting class. I studied, did a little bit of homework, and even went for a bit of a walk. But that’s where my day changed forever. It’s no secret I love to… Continue reading Irony of Spirituality and Love

Becoming a Writer

As far back as I can remember, the moment I was old enough to create stories and imagine-up worlds in my mind – I hit the ground running. I would feverishly write stories full of adventure, of daring fights, of deeply-wounded friendships or ironic allies. Of deep and complicated love, of the types of fleeting… Continue reading Becoming a Writer

What is Love?

Love is such a massive part of who we are as human beings. It’s what defines us as a species, and moreover, it’s what defines the generations to come into existence.   We are passionate creatures; we do “reckless” things out of our emotions of love. Our time’s greatest dramas, tragedies, and plays have all cumulated… Continue reading What is Love?