Music Monday! – Birth of a Mythos

Hey everyone, it’s time for another Music Monday! I felt inspired by recent philosophical thoughts of mine pertaining to the possible future of our world. Though this year was full of important and memorable events for all, there seems to be something looming just over the metaphorical hilltop, which makes this one a seemingly insignificant year. This… Continue reading Music Monday! – Birth of a Mythos

Music Monday! – The Adventure of a Lifetime

Hello everyone, Leon R.M. Auguste here with another Music Monday! Today, I’ll be sharing with you another music soundtrack that really gets my creative forces flowing. This one harkens a sort of Chinese New Year inspired-theme in me. A day filled with adrenaline, the rush of new beginnings, and a kind of unknown uncertainty that… Continue reading Music Monday! – The Adventure of a Lifetime

Music Monday! – An Ancient Tribal Fever

As I lay awake at midnight on the eve of this week’s┬áMusic Monday!, I am reminded of a time in which I was feral in nature. When I was a younger man, I was a wild spirit. I remember all the trouble I would get into, all the times I was seen as mischievous, an… Continue reading Music Monday! – An Ancient Tribal Fever

Music Monday! – As I Write

Welcome to my new series Music Monday!  This series will be the very harbinger of what I listen to whenever I write stories of fiction. The series will delve into the music that has helped shaped my writing from the emotions pulled deep from the recesses of my thoughts and mind. A series of recordings of… Continue reading Music Monday! – As I Write