Philosophical Journey (Part 8)

The few at the top who benefit from such a hierarchy do everything in their inherited, or hard-earned, right to ensure that the system continues unabated for the most part.

Philosophical Journey (Part 6)

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts at 11:00 p.m., and I wanted to record them instead of pretending these feelings didn’t exist. To be honest, I feel much better just getting these thoughts written down and out of my system. Sometimes, one needs to release the emotions, chaining them down, especially an introvert like myself.  Anyways, without… Continue reading Philosophical Journey (Part 6)

Philosophical Journey (Part 3)

This world is what is truly everlasting. This is the part of us that doesn’t erode away with time. Just as the seasons progress and the state of the world changes, our physical life is merely a vessel for our internal world.