Probability and Potential of the Future

I feel as though this year will be one of the last years, for a while at least, where things in the world (globally speaking) will have any semblance of normality or balance. Call it a gut instinct, or even based off of the different patterns of reality being shared the world over, but it… Continue reading Probability and Potential of the Future

During Times of Darkness

When it comes to the reality of our existence, many of us face the demented reality of our demons. Not literal demons, but the parts of our lives we would rather not discuss openly with any other person. Not even our closest confidant. The environment of secrets and deceptions we’ve all been growing up in… Continue reading During Times of Darkness

Truth of Our Lives

Black and white, right and wrong, life and death – life is full of duality. It isn’t like the whisperings of secret societies or deadbeat governments. Duality is the ultimate truth. It holds no illusions, no contempt, or any other form of disdain. It simply exists. At its most basic form, duality is the reality… Continue reading Truth of Our Lives

Becoming a Writer

As far back as I can remember, the moment I was old enough to create stories and imagine-up worlds in my mind – I hit the ground running. I would feverishly write stories full of adventure, of daring fights, of deeply-wounded friendships or ironic allies. Of deep and complicated love, of the types of fleeting… Continue reading Becoming a Writer

What is Love?

Love is such a massive part of who we are as human beings. It’s what defines us as a species, and moreover, it’s what defines the generations to come into existence.   We are passionate creatures; we do “reckless” things out of our emotions of love. Our time’s greatest dramas, tragedies, and plays have all cumulated… Continue reading What is Love?

A Sense of Entitlement Leads to Nowhere

A sense of entitlement can only lead you to your demise, your downfall, and your eventual undoing. Hello everyone, it’s me, Leon R.M. Auguste, coming to you with another post. First, I want to say thank you once more for all of the new and returning followers. I’ve enjoyed reading all of your comments and… Continue reading A Sense of Entitlement Leads to Nowhere