The Song of an Ancient People (A Short-Form Poem)

Deep within our hearts and soul lies the song of an ancient people. As the rivers flow with crystalline-clear water and natural minerals – they sing in a reassuring calmness. As the thunder roars in the distance, skies and rain trickle down like a saddened God – they sing with a darkened sorrow. As the… Continue reading The Song of an Ancient People (A Short-Form Poem)

Of Foretold Fates and Chosen Harbingers

Hello everyone! It’s me, Leon R.M. Auguste, coming to you with another post. Today, I will make it short and provide an excerpt fromĀ Of Foretold Fates and Chosen Harbingers. This is another work-in-progress book that I’ve been writing for a while now. To be honest, this is the very first work-in-progress book I had initially… Continue reading Of Foretold Fates and Chosen Harbingers

A New Writer (A Long-Form Poem)

To be a new writer is to be born into this world for the first time ever. It is to experience the wonders of such light and dark places. It is a thrill, a wave of feelings and emotions which drown you until you are reborn again, over and over. The process never changes, and… Continue reading A New Writer (A Long-Form Poem)

Becoming a Writer

As far back as I can remember, the moment I was old enough to create stories and imagine-up worlds in my mind – I hit the ground running. I would feverishly write stories full of adventure, of daring fights, of deeply-wounded friendships or ironic allies. Of deep and complicated love, of the types of fleeting… Continue reading Becoming a Writer