Probability and Potential of the Future

I feel as though this year will be one of the last years, for a while at least, where things in the world (globally speaking) will have any semblance of normality or balance. Call it a gut instinct, or even based off of the different patterns of reality being shared the world over, but it all feels very reminiscent of the pre-World War I days. Even though the majority of us, including myself, were not alive during WWI, the news articles of those days were very scattered in meaning; and also, at the same time, had a lot of serious articles on possible war breaking out between certain nations.

For one reason or another, history has repeated itself every century in strange little ways.

In today’s society, we’ve found ourselves increasingly obsessed with celebrity culture, social media, and profits (as usual). The fact of the matter is that we’ve naturally grown an unhealthy addiction to these sources of reality. Moreover, the belief in materialism has increased exponentially over the past couple of years. With the devastation of the U.S. economy back in 2007, we’ve seen a rise in “escapism” from our sometimes desperate daily lives.

Whenever materialism takes precedent over morals, the world usually soon thereafter descends down a temporary spiral of devastation and chaos. Strangely enough, for the better half of human history, we’ve explained this phenomenon through predictions, forecasting, or religion.

A small spark could very well set aflame a blazing fire upon the metaphorical “global stage” that will be uncontrollable for some time to come. Sound familiar? Well, if you’ve taken your fair share of history courses, it wouldn’t be shocking if it was familiar.

Reminiscent to how World War I was started based on an assassination of a particular political figure by the name of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28th, 1914; these modern days seem to be a powdered keg ready to burst open at a moment’s notice. Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s death in 1914 sparked a series of complicated and inter-weaving events which would eventually lead to World War I.

Though not quite similar to those times, we’ve yet found two opposing sides at odds with one another. Democrats versus Republicans, 1st world countries versus 3rd world countries. Capitalism versus Communism. You choose your pick of the problem and will soon realize it’s pointless to even try and zero in on any specific issue the world is facing.

We may not always agree or even find any semblance of connection, but what we do share is this world we call “home.” This world is all we have, and we have yet again come to a-head. We must, not as people – but as nations – decide which nations are worth saving and which ones will inevitably feel the backlash of such devastations. I’m a realist, and I understand that throughout history – not every nation has survived. Even the greatest civilizations ever to exist on Earth (that of ancient Rome, ancient Egypt, and especially ancient China) have all “fallen” at one point or another. If our shared home is important enough, though, we will realize that it’s imperative that we do not use any such drastic measures to cause a ruckus.

But perhaps there are more sinister issues at play here.

I’ve lived long enough to realize that the serious actions of one nation can very well tip the scales of our “peaceful” lives forevermore. But then again, perhaps we as nations truly cannot stop the inevitable.

Perhaps even those in positions of power realize that they are, just as we are, spectators to a show in which they have no true control. Because truth be told, humans can only be directed and dictated – not fully controlled. Even in the most impoverished nations, the people who live under such harsh and inhumane tyrannical rule know that they still have moments of small and sadly insignificant freedom.

Humans can never truly be controlled. Fear is the only way we are motivated to be controlled, but even then, most people living in impoverished nations know that life can change eventually.

Even if it takes years, decades, or centuries – a nation never entirely stays the same. This is by design, though.

In some way, I’ve made a connection to my homeland, the United States. I’ve come to realize over these last couple of years; that to be a proud American is to realize the freedom we have gained over the years, thanks in part to our ancestors and to those who came after them. It was only thanks to the bravery of those everyday men and women who fought for freedom during a time of tyranny; that we are where we are today. In some ironic way, that could also be our downfall. Either way, we are all merely existing within the time period we are born into. Thus, I conclude with this single line of ultimate truth:

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, live your life according to your heart. Don’t let others fully control your livelihood, and don’t ever forget that your life, in those quiet and solace moments, is yours alone.

Forever in Your Debt,

Leon R.M. Auguste

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